Today was a time to get out of my own head. To stop fretting about the day-to-day business of life and to really look at the big picture. I guess I can do that with more ease these days now that I have more time to ponder. Yeah ... with this new life, I have A LOT of alone time. Which for some is great. For me? It is an adjustment. I like being with people. Too much alone time and I start overanalyzing life and my own thoughts. Scary, huh?

Overall, I think about the free time as a time for me. To actually listen to those voices in my head that I could more easily squash when I was working many days in a row for many hours. But now, I listen.

Free time allows me to spend more time on my fitness and focus on my running.

I have even broken out of my comfort zone and tried an intramural volleyball team...

My dad made a small comment to me the other day, but it really hit me: "Aren't you happy you have all this time for those road races?"

Yes dad. Yes I am. As I've said many a time, I never thought I would love running as much as I do now, but wow - I am so lucky to have time to run ... and icing on the cake, is having a group of friends that want to run with me. Well, races at least ;)

Still looking for marathon training buddies, if anyone is interested? I'm a good running buddy, I promise. :P

But, more so, the free time is a chance to spend more time with friends, family, the pups and most importantly - the wife. :)

Being able to make my own schedule has allowed the wife and I to even take an afternoon and drive up to Ogunquit, Maine - on a whim.

Oh New England, your beauty sucked me back in immediately!! I love this area of the country and am happy to call it home.

So thank you cosmos ... thank you for allowing my life to take the direction that is has ... thank you for giving me the time to enjoy my wife, pups, friends and families ... thank you for bringing such amazing people into my life ... thank you for dealing me this life!