Shorts - 1, Dani - 0

I couldn't believe that ONE piece of clothing would set my mind back so many steps. I have NEVER been a shorts person. I hate my legs and don't really like to show them off.

Okay, once I lost weight I started to enjoy wearing my "homo shorts" aka guy's shorts - since they were longer in length.

So I will rephrase as I do not like shorter shorts since I still have a big complex with my thighs and the size of them.

But, I am sooo jealous of all the runners out there who are shorts people. I mean I was sweating my booty off in my Lululemon capris and thought if only I had a pair of running shorts.

So I did it. There was a sale at Kohl's and I bought a pair of Tek Gear shorts.

(Non-Scale Victory Disclosure: The shorts I bought are a size Medium!! *Squeal*) 

They look wicked cute and so harmless. ;)

But, they were not. :P

I tried to wear them last Monday morning for my little 5k run and it was horrible. I was self conscious the whole time. Pulling the shorts down. Trying to get them to a position on my hips that felt comfortable ... but I couldn't get it.

Sad face. I wasn't a fan.

To me: I look at this picture and just see how big my thighs look.

That same night I was meeting a friend for Spin so I thought I would give the shorts a try there.

EPIC fail. They were uncomfortable from the moment I sat on the bike. The shorts were too short and I ended up using a towel the whole time to cover up the too much skin that was being shown.

Wow! That day put me in a funk. I felt like I had gained back all 60-ish pounds.

Now, this was my second attempt at running in shorts - the first with a pair of Lululemon running shorts - that also failed as bad as this attempt.

I have learned that I am just not a running in shorts kind of person. Which is fine. I love my Lululemon running capris and have no problem breaking them out. :)

I have embraced being able to wear the Tek Gear shorts in an around the town kind of way.

I am still uber self conscious about the shorts and my thighs, but I don't feel they ride up as much when I am casually walking around.

I know a majority of this is all in my head - losing that fat girl mentality is hard - and something that I continue to work on. But this experience just reminded me again that even though you lose weight - not all clothes will all of a sudden fit perfectly on the body ... or in the mind.

So maybe some day I will try the shorts experiment again, but for now ... I will stick to my running capris! ;)