It's The Weekend...

I am WICKED excited for this weekend!!! After having a fantastic time at The Falmouth Road Race on the Cape last weekend, I am following it up this weekend with the Rock 'n' Roll Half Marathon in Providence, RI.

Woo hoo!!

Now when I orginally set out with my plan for 2012, this race was not on my list.


then Runcupcake (aka Samantha) and The Fit Bee (aka Colleen) got to me! :P

Yes, I succumbed to peer pressure and signed up. Okay okay, there was a Leap Year/Day sale going on and I couldn't resist.

And as the weeks and months dragged on - more social media friends started signing up and now it is gonna be a Fitfluential party up in here!

So I really cannot wait to see these lovely ladies tomorrow for dinner and to meet many face-to-face for the first time ever!!

Then on Sunday we dominate ... we run the Rock 'n' Roll Half Marathon!

I am wicked excited to try and keep up with my fast friends - Colleen and Robin - both elite elite runners! I am ready to be pushed.

This weekend will be awesome! And this race will be number 18 of the 24 I have signed up for in 2012.

Bring it!