One Month Til...

... the big 3-0!! I don't have dire panic over turning 30. I mean it really doesn't change anything in my life - except that I end up in a new division in my road races ;) - but other than that it is just another birthday.

And for those that don't know I am NOT a big fan of celebrating my birthday ... except in 2010 when Tori proposed the night before it.

So maybe it's just entering a new decade that is giving me reservations about my birthday or society's common response  of freaking about getting older that has me questioning the day.

But when I sit and really think about why this birthday is so different from the others - one things come to mind:


I am in the best shape I have ever been in and getting more comfortable in my own skin.

I am ready to enter this new chapter in my life - fit, healthy and happy.

If you had asked me when I turned 21, what I thought would be going on in my life at the age of 30 - I would NEVER have imagined I would be where I am today. It wouldn't have seemed like a realm of possibility.

But now, I am entering this next phase with a wife, two pups, a fulfilling job, wonderful friends, supportive family and a more positive outlook on life.

Wow! How could I have any reservations about what awesomeness my 30s will bring?


I am wicked excited for what I have planned on my birthday weekend.

On the Saturday (September 15), the wife and I are taking part in the Warrior Dash in New Hampshire. My first and her third. I am sooo excited to finally cross this off my Fitfluential Fitness Bucket List. :)

Then on Sunday (September 16), I am hosting my very own 5k in my neighborhood. I am psyched. I really wanted to celebrate in a fun, unique and fitness based way. I thought what better way than to get my friends and family out running/walking before enjoying a good BBQ. :)

Since everyone doesn't live in the Boston area, I also created a virtual runner option. That means you would set up your own 3.1 mile course near you place of residence and send me the results.

I decided to add a charity element to the day as well. I am vying for a charity bib for the 2013 Boston Marathon and the fundraising goals for non-qualified runners (which I am) can be lofty. So the $15 registration fee for in person and virtual runners goes straight to my fundraising fund.

Additionally, every person that registers (in person or virtual) will receive a Finisher's Medal! OOhhh race bling! ;)

If you want more information about the birthday 5k, it's sponsors or to register please click here.


So come on world, bring on the 30s ... I'm not scared of 'em!