Pure Barre Bursts My Comfort Zone

Ever since I joined Weight Watchers in November 2009 and started my weight loss and fitness journey, I have been constantly trying new things outside of my comfort zone.

Scared? You bet!

With each passing experience - trying my first Spin class, my first Body Pump class, joining road races - you would think going into a new class would get easier. But for me, that hasn't been the case.

Despite losing over 60 lbs, many times I still see myself as the 217 lb girl when I walk into a new adventure instead of the new fitter version.


I think that other people in the room still see that version of me on the left rather than the one on the right.

BUT, I don't let the inner fear hold me back any longer. I use it to fuel me. That and my amazing support system of friends, family and social media.

If they believe in me then I should believe in myself.

So all of this, helped me break through that cozy comfort zone and attempt Pure Barre ... and I am incredibly happy that I have.

Plus the staff (Jess, Dana, Danielle and Becca) and the other members create such a safe environment that my worries of looking like an idiot or doing the move incorrectly and being judged for it completely go away. You don't find that everywhere.

I was even more excited for my Third Class at Pure Barre Burlington on Friday because I had not 1, but 4 friends joining me!

Thankfully Jess was offering a "Bring A Friend" deal on Black Friday so I invited my friend and fitness accountability buddy Lindsey to come with me.

Then as the class got closer my cousin Jen let me know that she would be at the noon class with 2 of her friends as well.


The Pure Barre love is already spreading amongst my friends and it has only been a week. :)

They were ready to Lift, Tone & Burn.

The Friday noon class was packed - I think people were taking full advantage to get in a good sweat after Thanksgiving. I know I was.

It was funny being the Pure Barre "veteran" amongst my little crew since it was only my third class, but I was wicked excited to hear what they thought.

This was my first class with the instructor Becca, but had met her before - she is super nice and super motivating.

I wasn't quite sure how the class would go for me after doing a Thanksgiving 5k the day before, but I was up for the challenge.

We started off with the warmup of arms and core. I usually use the 3 lb weights since I have a weaker left shoulder from a 2006 car accident. But, even those were feeling a little heavy so for part of the warmup I went weights free and still felt it working my muscles.

After the warmup, we moved on to the thigh work. It's interesting how such tiny movements of your leg or thigh can work so many areas of your body. It really does shock and amaze me.

But, just working on stretching out my leg and making small dime-sized circles with the foot pointed can be felt throughout my entire leg/hip area. I love that ... and hate it at the same time. ;)

For some reason, my hips were a little sore on Friday so I had to take more breaks than usual while working at the barre for seat work. But to keep myself working, whenever I took a break I continued to "tuck my tailbone" so the abs weren't missing out on anything.

Maybe I was just having an off day, but I was having a tough time keeping up with the tempo, but I appreciated how others were also taking breaks when needed and just getting right back to it when they felt comfortable and ready.

I could see my cousin raise an eyebrow when they announced that we would be finishing the class with seven minutes of abs, but I promised her it didn't really feel like 7 minutes. :)

But, after we finished our final 2:30 of class with some great tucking while in a bridge, I checked in to see how the girls liked the class.

And - not shocking to me - they all loved the class and told Jess they would all be back again. Yay! We had some more converts already.

(Note: my cousin just texted me that she will be attending the noon class today)


I have now taken three classes at Pure Barre and had each of the instructors (Jess, Dana & Becca) and I LOVE how each class has a set formula when it comes to which parts of the body need to be worked, but each class and instructor make it their own. So they tweak and change up which how you do the thigh work so you don't get bored.

Now I can't wait to see what Dana will have in store Monday morning...