*REVIEW* Classpass hit Boston!

"Wow! I really want to try that new spin studio in town, but I don't want to dive in for a full membership." "I wish I could shop around to find the perfect yoga studio for me."

"Hmm my gym doesn't offer the boot camp variety I need in my workouts."

Have you ever said any of the statements listed above? I know I have.

And apparently Classpass was listening!


What is Classpass you may be wondering?

ClassPass is a monthly service that gives its members access to the best studios in their city. For $99 a month, members get 10 classes to be used to visit any studio of their choice up to 3 times per month. 

We want fitness to be accessible and approachable. We want fitness minded people to be able to meet like-minded individuals; where a thriving community and support system can become established.

I was psyched when Classpass reached out to me and asked if I wanted to test out the service. You bet I did!

(Note: While I was giving a complimentary month to Classpass, all thoughts and reviews of studios are my own!)

For $99 a month, you have 10 classes to use at more than 50 fitness studios in and around the Boston area (Spin, pilates, yoga, bootcamp, Zumba, etc), BUT you cannot attend a single studio (no matter how many locations they have) more than 3 times during that month.

photo 1 (7)photo 2 (4)

The latest studios added to the Classpass website

Reserving classes on the site is simple.

Reserve a class by clicking on one of the venues, and then selecting the class you would like to reserve. Press the “reserve” button next to the class and confirm your reservation, and you’ll be added to the list! You do not need to bring a voucher or print out to class — just bring a photo id. 

New classes are added to ClassPass everyday at noon. Classes are available to be booked on ClassPass for one week in advance.

Now you will be penalized $20 if you do NOT cancel a class reservation at least 24 hours in advance AND you lose one of your 10 classes for the month.

I understand why they do this, but it was a bummer for me as I got injured the night before two afternoon classes and had to cancel. But it was within 24 hours of the classes so I had to pay $40 AND lost 2 of my 10 trials. Boo!! I wish they understood that last minute illnesses and injuries happen.

Currently Classpass is available in Boston, New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco. I am hearing rumblings that Chicago might be one of the next to get the feature.


Let's get to the classes themselves. I was able to use 7 of my 10 classes after 3 were nixed due to canceling last minute. :/

I wanted to use this opportunity to test out the many Spin studios Boston has to offer.


My first stop was an easy choice: Flywheel at the Prudential Center. I made sure to attend a class with my friend and Tedy's Team mate Melinda would be teaching.


A single ride will cost you $28, but the first ride is always free at Flywheel.

Now I had attended one Flywheel class before Classpass which you can read about here. Flywheel is an experience of it's own. I would recommend this studio to everyone.

Having the torq board really sets the studio apart from the others. You feel an entire body workout when you walk out the door.


I had to do a 1 hr and 45 minute training ride for my half ironman so I took a double one Wednesday morning with Melinda.


Ohh boy! It was awesome to see how many others did the double as well.


^ First class is free!

^ Free cycling shoes to all participants (and I did see them disinfecting them in between classes)

^ Padded bike seat covers available

^ Torq board

^ Secure Lockers

^ Showers available


^ With Classpass, you don't get to choose your bike - it is automatically reserved for you

--> I would definitely go back to this studio!


Next up on the Spin studio tour was The Handle Bar at the Fenway Park location.


The Handle Bar Indoor Cycling Studio has two locations: South End and the newer Fenway Park.

A single class at the studio will run you $20. Shoe rental is $2 (unless you are an unlimited rider member then it is free)


I registered for a Wednesday afternoon class, where we were greeted by a substitute instructor named Lena. I had no idea what to expect at the studio and wasn't offered much advice when heading into the studio.

Thankfully I knew how to set my own bike up since I couldn't grab the instructor's attention for help. She started right into the class and I felt lost.

Now I have taken many a Spin class, but this was the first where I couldn't follow along. A majority of the class was pushups and ab work while cycling. So while it was a GREAT calorie burn, I didn't feel like it was a great Spin workout.


I couldn't hear the cues from the instructor so I had to rely on the other participants to get the flow down.

Upon finishing the class, I thought I would never walk into a Handle Bar class again.

After seeing my thoughts on social media I was contacted by the owner Jess who was upset to hear about my experience. She assures me not all classes are like that and would like me to come back and try a different class. So I will do that and follow up with everyone.


^ Good calorie burn

^ Intimate studio

^ Fast-paced music


^ Cubbies instead of lockers

^ Lack of instruction

^ Unfriendly desk staff

^ Pay for shoe rental

--> Based on this experience I would not go back, but I will give another instructor a chance thanks to Jess' offer.


B Spoke Studios in Downtown Crossing (Federal St) would be my third Spin studio.


A single class would run you $27, but your first visit to the studio is free.

B Spoke Studios had a beautiful bathroom with showers.


Photo Courtesy B Spoke

photo 5 (60)

And good bathroom mirrors for selfies :P

They had complimentary spin shoe rental, but I did not see them disinfecting the shoes between classes. Thankfully I had brought my own shoes just in case.

After putting my backpack away in the secure lockers, I grabbed a free water (17oz - free to all participants) and headed into the studio.


Photo Courtesy B Spoke

I was warned ahead of time that the instructor had an appointment after class and it would be ending about 5 minutes early. If I had paid the $27 I would've been irked.

B Spoke liked to pack a full-body workout - cardio, hand weights, core work - into a 45-minute class.

Feel the beat, clear your head, and prepare to sweat

As I said the class was cut short, but I liked the more Spin focused workout while adding in pushups and core work. We did sprints, hills and jumps.

Nadia, the instructor, did a great job of calling out the cues, making sure everyone's bike was set up correctly and keeping us motivated during the ride.


^ First class is free!

^ Free bottles of water

^ Complimentary spin shoe rental

^ Secure Lockers

^ Showers


^ Didn't see shoes being disinfected

^ Not as many classes offered (they are working on including more in the Fall)

--> I would definitely go back to this studio!


Final studio on my Classpass tour was Recycle Studio on Newbury St.

photo 3 (96)

A single ride is $22. Oh and I just saw on their website that a new rider can get a full "welcome week" for $30. Wow! That's a good deal.


Photo courtesy Recycle Studio

I chose to take a Rebalance Ride one Friday morning.

REBALANCE is made for those who are looking to regain balance through a sweaty, dynamic class with lots of out of the saddle movement. The 45 minute ride will focus on core work/posture which is often overlooked in traditional classes. Get those abs and legs fired up and sweat it out.

The studio is located on the fourth floor of a building on Newbury Street.

Recycle Studio is Boston’s first indoor cycling studio. Here we ride to the beat, choreograph a full body workout and get lost in time. Our studios don’t have clocks, we ride in candle light and sweat with strength.

It has a small changing area with cubbies.

photo 5 (61)

And a great mirror for selfies!

They do a great job of utilizing the space they have and including an area for their classes (yoga,private training, etc) and the studio room itself.


As mentioned above the class is taught to candle light. Anni, the instructor, did a great job checking in with newbies before the class making sure we knew there would be "choreography" and that she would make sure to explain it before the class. She did a great job calling out the moves and I felt up-to-speed the entire ride.

Anni did a great job blending the upper body/core work with a great Spin class of hills, jumps and sprints. I was dripping with sweat afterwards and feeling a full-body workout.

The weights track focused on little movements, which gave me flashbacks of my Pure Barre classes.

Having the lights off really took the focus off the time of the class and put it onto the ride and movements. It was a great way to kick off a Friday morning.


^ Intimate studio

^ Great instruction

^ Good blend of arms/core and spin work

^ Lights off took focus off the clock


^ No bike reservation

^ No showers

--> I would go to this studio again!


But there is more to Classpass and Boston than Spin studios. I had planned on trying a yoga class and two Zumba classes, but had to cancel those due to injury.

I was however able to make my Barry's Bootcamp class with Sarah of SarahFit.com.


photo 3 (97)

A single class is $28.

I took Sarah's Butt & Legs 1-hour bootcamp class on a Tuesday morning. Sarah did a great job taking us on a quick tour and then explaining how the class would work. On that day we would be doing two circuits: treadmill, bench/weight/floor work ... and repeat!

photo 4 (81)

As someone who doesn't do a lot of weight training (I know I know), I was worried especially since my left hamstring was still hurting. Sarah was great about showing me adjustments to the moves so that I could still take part.

It was a great environment where I realized no one was looking at how deep my squats were or that I was using lighter weights than everyone else. Each person was focusing on their own movements.

Plus Sarah gave great ranges when working on treadmill sprints so everyone felt included. I was pretty proud of the progress I made on the sprints. It wasn't until the second round of treadmill work that I realized you could see what pace you were sprinting at. I am apparently not quick on the uptake. ;)

Let me tell you my butt and legs were DEFINITELY feeling it. Thanks to Sarah for a great workout and doable variations of the workouts.

--> I would definitely give this boot camp another try!


^ Great workout

^ Uplifting environment

^ They have Sparkly Soul headbands on sale at their Boston location ;)

^ Secure lockers


^ Not the friendliest/welcoming front desk atmosphere

--> I would go back to this studio


Wow! Classpass really let me explore what the fitness side of Boston looks like. I wish it was more than 10 classes a month, but based on the single class prices listed above - 10 classes for $99 is a great deal.

So fellow Bostonians - will you be checking out Classpass?

Truth Tuesday: Can I Do It?

Monday night is Spin night. I attend the 7:30pm class at the BSC (Boston Sports Club) near my house (Wellington Circle location) with my friends Lindsey and Beth. I look forward to it each week. The instructor Kim is amazing and has become a friend. Plus, she plays Willow Smith's Whip My Hair Back And Forth whenever I request it. I love that song and make sure to wear the hair in a ponytail rather than a bun for those classes.

Yesterday was Monday, which means last night was Monday night ... and Spin.

I counted down the hours til Spin all day long.

I clipped into the bike at 7:30pm and was ready to rock. Class started and the legs felt dead. You know you have those days, right?

Well it got into my head. As we are pushing through some jumps on a hill (thanks Kim! :P), I sat down from a jump, cranked the resistance up, put my head down and just pushed my legs as steady as I could.

The mind was wondering so I needed to work through what was happening.

As the legs felt heavy, this question popped into my head:

Can I Do It?


You may be wondering: was it the royal it or something specific?

In that moment in time, it was that little Half Ironman in September I signed up for - The Pumpkinman Half Ironman on September 7.

If I was having trouble focusing and pushing through a Spin class, how could I expect myself to get through that athletic feat.

It sets off a domino effect of questions:

*Why did you sign up for it?

*Why did you think you were strong enough to even consider attempting it?

*How could you waste so much hard earned money?

*Why does it feel like your friends have such an easier time with the training than you?

*If you are having a hard time waking up for runs now, how will you feel when the workouts double?

*Do you really expect to complete the feat?

*Just... why?

So this inner turmoil/debate is happening in my head during Spin class, the sweat from the intense intervals is mixing with tears. Was I seriously crying in Spin class? Why yes yes I was.

Cool kid award can be sent right here!

Now I wish this inner turmoil could just go away! Clearly me writing about it is my way to try and work through it. Since hey it rears its ugly head every time I sign up for my next big fitness goal.

But I own the fact that I am working on this and that it won't go away over night. It has been around for as long as I can remember.

That bugger named


When this little voice creeps in I just wanna yell: you're wrong!


It is a liar. I know I am nervous and anxious about tackling something so outside my comfort zone, but here's the thing - my comfort zone keeps expanding! I HAVE to keep looking outward or I will get stuck and complacent.

It's like the "old me" mindset is battling the "new me" mindset.

My $$$ is on the latter.

But in the meantime, I have to recognize the voice, allow the self doubt, but not let it take down my spirit or my drive.

There must be something in my subconscious that knows I will tackle any hurdle since I hit the "submit" button on the entry. :P

It is the same little voice that:

*pushed me through the door at Weight Watchers in November 2009

*understand I was worth happiness

*told me I needed to start this little slice of the internet

*I needed to share my story

*I could poke through the balloon that was my original comfort zone and keep expanding it

*moved my hand to sign up for 4 marathons (almost 5), half marathons, Dopey Challenge and my first triathlon

The little voice is there and getting louder. I just need to recognize that it is a process and I will have times where the little voice freaks out and the tears flow in the middle of a Spin class.

But in the end, the little voice won't lead me astray. It will lead me to the Finish Line ... and beyond!


An Exercise For Motivation...

The topic I am asked most about is motivation: How do I keep it going? How do I find it again once it's lost? Can I buy it somewhere? Will you come to my house and motivate me on a daily basis? (Only if you live somewhere tropical on the last one ;))


There are a hundred things I could suggest and maybe some day I will take the time to write a wicked long post with all the things I can think of about motivation. But for now, I leave you with the number one tip I give everyone.

A little exercise I have been having some of my Weight Watchers members and readers do when saying they need to re-motivate or get back on track:

**get old school and write a list of all the reasons you started this journey (healthy living, fitness, etc)

**put those reasons on tiny pieces of paper in a jar to take out when you need a dose of motivation or put them on post-it notes and hang on the bathroom mirror

Like so...


Thanking myself for deciding I was worth the journey!


Reminding myself I am enough just the way I am! 

So if you are looking to re-motivate yourself, grab some scraps of paper, a legal pad or post-it notes and get to writing! You won't regret it! :)

Dani Dishes 12-2-13

On this episode of Dani Dishes, I'm talking about what is really going on in my brain and how I want to enter 2014 - why has my confidence taken a hit lately? injury? sick? Seasons changing?  

Back2Basics Challenge

Following the Aftermath of the Boston Marathon bombings in April, I felt that I turned a little too much to food for emotional help. It was then just hard to get back in a groove for May, June and especially July. I know the super is toughest, but after four summers you think I would have some sort of handle on it. Well, apparently I don't. That's okay. It's feedback not failure. So near the end of July I started seriously tracking again. I went so far as to actually turn to paper tracking (not just using the WW website/app). I know right? Crazy. But it worked. I tracked for 22 consecutive days on paper and got back to my lowest weight as an adult - 153.4 - that I had only seen once previously (December 2012).

I was feeling AWESOME.

During many of my Weight Watchers meetings last week, I was noticing that people were having the "ugh" feelings I had over the summer. Well, getting Back 2 Basics works for me when I need a kick in the pants that I thought it may work for my groups too. For a few groups, I let them design their own Back 2 Basics challenges since they know their group needs best. But for others I went with my favorite Back 2 Basics tactics.

So here goes...

If you are someone looking for to refocus your weight loss/healthy eating efforts and need a supportive group of folks to help, this challenge is for you. Please know you DO NOT need to be a WW member to participate in this challenge. These work for anyone that is looking for help.

In addition to the challenges that will be listed below, we also have a private FB group where you can post questions or share any thoughts you want. Additionally, there will be a google excel spreadsheet where you can add your name and keep track of how often you complete that week's task.


So what are the 6 topics you may ask, here they are:


Week 1: Track - 9/9

Define for yourself what that entails. You can use Weight Watchers, MyFitnessPal, a journal, a post-it note - anything that will help you pause before you eat something and ask: "Is it really worth it?"

If you are someone who is already tracking/writing down your food, feel free to try a different way to track or give pre-tracking a try (writing down what you will have before you eat it - day before, hours before, etc).

Some people may also want to set reminders on your phone or computer. Let's say you eat breakfast at 8. Have the reminder pop up at 8:30 saying "Have you tracked your breakfast yet?" Then you won't forget later in the day.

GOAL WITH TRACKING is progress not perfection so aim to track at least 5 out of the 7 days this week!

Week 2: Weigh & Measure - 9/16

Oh boy does this bring me back to reality when I start to stray. ;) Measuring cups and food scales don't lie. A serving size is a serving size. :P

If you have measuring spoons and cups or a food scale, take them on out. Keep them in a more visible location than say the back of the "junk" drawer of your kitchen.

I like to keep my food scale right next to my blender and toaster so I see it whenever I am in the kitchen.

Many of us weight and measure right at the beginning of our journeys but it is one of the first things to fall by the way side when it gets "annoying." So make it a game. See if you can guess the weight/serving size before you use your tools. That sounds fun right? Okay work with me - it will get you to get back into the routine of doing it.

Plus the more we weigh and measure at home the better we will be out at restaurants, etc. :)

Week 3: Good Health Guidelines - 9/23

Now this is a Weight Watchers concept, but they can be translated to anyone. The GHGs help create a more well-balanced diet as one focuses on making sure to get enough liquid (water, non-booze), healthy oils, fruits/veggies, dairy/dairy substitutes, lean meats and whole grains.

Are you focusing too much on fruits/veggies and not getting enough lean meats? Then make that your priority for the week.

But how will we know what we are missing? Tracking. Take this time to look back at the first two weeks of tracking and see where you need to make some slight adjustments. Take a look and make a game plan for Week Three.

Maybe lunch you can add some whole grains or replace the afternoon snack of popcorn with some veggies.

Week 4: Try A New Food Or Recipe - 9/30

Humans tend to eat the same 15-20 items all the time. Hellooooo boring. ;)

Sometimes when we take a "relaxed adherence to our plan" it is the lack of variety has finally taken its toll.

We can only have oatmeal for breakfast so many times before we declare we NEVER want to see oatmeal again in our life. :P

So this week, try as many new food or recipes as you want.

Have you been thinking about trying a purple pepper, but just don't know what to do with it? Have you toyed around with the idea of sampling a garden burger? Find a friend and give 'em a try! Or just hit up google to find a fun new recipe that uses that purple pepper.

Week 5: Drink Water - 10/7

I personally LOVE water, but I just forget to drink it. I bought the Plant Nanny app on my iPhone for I think 99 cents and it has changed my life. It gives me a goal amount of water every day, I enter it into the app each time I drink water and my little animated plant grows. Ahhh! Cute! If I don't hit my goal or don't log my water the plant becomes sick and dies. Pressure! It seems so simple, but it works for me.

What do you need to do drink more water? Keep a water bottle with you at all times, make yourself drink a bottle of water before each meal or snack, add flavor to your water to make it less bland, etc.

Week 6: Move More Or Try A New Exercise - 10/14

Not only can we get into a rut with our eating it can happen with our exercise routines as well. So maybe this week you will finally try that Zumba class you wanted to or you buy that workout DVD you've had your eye on.

Variety is the spice of life.

If you are not a gym rat, that's fine. ALL movement counts!!! So this week you could challenge yourself to only take the stairs for the entire week.

We are heading towards winter so maybe start experimenting with new activities that will work for you once the snow/cold weather come. Do you have indoor activities prepared for the bad weather? Let's find some together!!


So there are the six weeks of tasks. We work on one small change each week so that we can head into the Holiday Season remotivated, refocused and rejuvenated.

Does this sound like a plan to you?

If so, please free to send me an email - dani@weightoffmyshoulders.com - with your full name and we will get you the info to be added to our FB group.

If you are already in the FB group from the last challenge, just hang out and add your name to the Google Doc when it is posted.

Let's Do This Folks!! :)

Dani Dishes 8-19-13

On this episode of Dani Dishes, I remind myself (and you) that is it okay to be frustrated when a moment on your weight loss/fitness/running journey doesn't live up to expectation! BUT make sure to then immediately step back and look at the journey as a whole for overall appreciation! Product Of The Week: Boom Chica Pop

Fierce Forward Limitless Collection Bracelet *WINNER ANNOUNCED*

Annddddd the winner IS:

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Thank you to everyone that participated and big thanks to Fierce Forward for sharing her beautiful bracelet with us!!!


I am not a HUGE jewelry person. I usually keep it pretty simple - a couple bangles and my Tedy's Team plastic bracelet are really all I need.

But, I love a company with a purpose - especially when it is to motivate and inspire women.

Enter Fierce Forward ... a company "driven by purpose and moved by passion, you break down barriers and move Fiercely Forward."

Ashley Johns is a personal trainer, a fitness model, an athlete, an author, a life coach and a jewelry designer.

She created the Limitless Collection, which features such motivating designs as Purpose, Commitment, Energy, Passion, Growth, Grounded and Strength. Each bracelet holds a powerful and empowering message.

The collection got the game because Ashley writes "each bracelet is handmade to arm you with the intention to be limitless."

A positive message I can get after.

After connecting with Ashley on Twitter, she was gracious enough to offer myself as well as a blog reader a Less Sugar Bracelet.

less sugar

Photo Courtesy of Fierce Forward 

Ashley describes the beautiful Less Sugar Bracelet as:

A petite bracelet hand made by me using only the finest African Trade Beads. Come with a Fierce Forward logo Stainless Steel Charm that freely moves around the bracelet. This "candy bracelet" is to remind you to eat less sugar and be mindful of what you put in your body. Moderation is key! This is life, you must enjoy the fine things in it and enjoy them richly. Enjoying something richly is not having it every day but waiting for it in moderation and then truly being able to appreciate it.


Photo Courtesy of Fierce Forward 

Since starting Weight Watchers in November 2009, I've used a lot of visual cues - notes on my hand, post-it notes, etc - as a way to remind myself to pick the healthy option. But Ashley has created a much cuter way to cue myself to pick the water and not the soda. (I am currently 856 days soda free).

This is not just for someone with Diabetes watching their sugar intake but for ANYONE. We should all take more care in what we put in our bodies. You start reaching for that Mountain Dew in the fridge and see your Less Sugar Candy Bracelet and remember that you don't NEED that. Reach for water instead. I create these bracelets to mean something to YOU. You will have your own individual need for your bracelet and it will connect with you on your level:)

What will my bracelet remind me to do? Grab the water before a snack. Our bodies don't know the difference between hunger and thirst signals SO when I grab for food my bracelet on my left wrist will remind me to drink some water first. Thanks Ashley!

So who's ready for the giveaway??

Here’s how to enter:

Giveaway is open from 8am April 10 (Wednesday) through 9am April 12 (Friday)!!

The winner will be announced on Friday!!

Weekly Workout Wind Up (3/7-13/13)

Well it is finally time that I put all of my workouts in one post to make it easier for you all to see what I'm doing and for me to keep my week's straight. :P So let's get this party started...


Thursday, March 7: 4 mile Run



Friday, March 8: Rest Day



Saturday, March 9: 2 hours of Spinning while at a Spin Instructor Orientation




Sunday, March 10: 10 mile Run



Monday. March 11: Ran 6.2+ miles And 45 min Spinning Class





Tuesday, March 11: 30 min Stairmaster



Wednesday, March 12: 45 min Tempo Run




Would you all like me to add my Plankaday Streak to this roundup as well?

1st Run 5k - 1/1/13 - 23:07 (7:27 min/mile)

The race that almost didn't happen. I found out on December 21st that my grampa had cancer and had about 6 months to a year to live ... then on December 27th I found out he passed away. Well apparently 6 months was really 6 days.

We thought the funeral would be on New Year's Day so I didn't think I would run this race. But then I found out the wake would be held on January 2nd.

So the race was back on.

Since hearing about my grampa's passing, I had been using running as a great - cheap - version of therapy to work out my emotions. I was really looking forward to just cutting loose on the race course and just enjoy the time.

This marked my 3rd straight New Year's Day 5k.

1/1/11 - I had a herniated disc and had to walk the New Year's Day 5k in Chicago so it took the wife and I finished in 48:37 (15:41 min/mile)

1/1/12 - I was healthy, besides a small knee injury and was able to run the New Year's Day 5k in Chicago in 25:27 (8:13 min/mile)

1/1/13 - well....

The wife and I signed up for the 1st Run 5k (which offered a 10k as well) in Lowell, Mass - about a 30-45 minute ride from our house depending on traffic. It's funny that this race was the closest one to our house offered on New Year's. Slightly different from the 15 minute bus ride we took in Chicago. :P

The 1st Run 5k run had me at: the medal was a wine bottle topper. Oh yeah!!! :) :)

We didn't get out the door as early as I had wanted so we made it to the race with about 5 minutes to spare and still had to pick up our bibs and our hats. I love when races move outside the realm of t-shirts and offer different fitness gear as race swag.


While waiting in line to pick up my bib I ran into Amy and Janine!! I love seeing fit friends at races. :)

Of course I had to hit the bathrooms before the race started :P so we tried to use the one women's bathroom inside the VFW but the line was pretty lengthy. So us females took charge and took over the men's bathroom as well. ;) My dad was there to act as a lookout for us thankfully.

It did the trick until we walked outside and realized there was ZERO line for the port-o-potties ... uncharacteristic for a race.

After finally getting all squared away we made it to the Start Corral just in time. :) I even ran into Amy again (who was going to rock the 10k course).

They did a 10 second countdown in honor of New Years and we were off...

In a shocking turn of events, I didn't look at the course map ahead of time so I wasn't sure what to expect.

As we approached Mile One or so, I ran by two people I know - Robin, who was running with her sister, and Sara, who participates in my Boston Marathon training runs on Saturday mornings. Yay more familiar faces. :)

It was the halfway point or so through the race when we took a turn towards the River and BAM enter the wind!! We ran straight into the wind for the second half of the race. I felt as if I was running in place for most of the that trek.

I was mentality out of the race and ready for it to be over so the final couple tenths of the race felt like they would never end. :P

We passed the Mile Three sign and I was pretty happy I had signed up for the 5k instead of the 10k - especially the 10k was just the 5k loop AGAIN. No thank you.

I tried to turn up the legs and push myself past the finish line as quickly as possible.


Thanks for the great action shot race photographers

I knew it wasn't a PR (which I know I don't need to get each time out), but I was pleased with the race overall and was happy I beat that darn wind. :P


So the Yankee Timing Company did this really cool thing where you could swipe your race bib up to this computer on the side of a truck and up popped your results on a TV screen - right after the race. Cool, right?


I will definitely take 23:07 and be happy!! :) How could I not when my first 5k time was 38:21 in March 2005. I am constantly amazed and thankful for how my body and my running has improved over the past couple years especially with the herniated disc/back surgery in January 2011.

Plus how sweet is this medal?


We caught up with Amy's husband, Chris, Janine. Sarah and my fellow Tedy's Team member Nanci after the race before heading out to refuel with some Dunkin Donuts. :)


So my New Year's Day races are:

1/1/11 - I had a herniated disc and had to walk the New Year's Day 5k in Chicago so it took the wife and I finished in 48:37 (15:41 min/mile)

1/1/12 - I was healthy, besides a small knee injury and was able to run the New Year's Day 5k in Chicago in 25:27 (8:13 min/mile)

1/1/13 - I ran in honor of my Grampa and hopefully made him proud in the 1st Run 5k finishing in 23:07 (7:27 min/mile)