Boston Marathon Expo

The Boston Marathon festivities kicked off with the Boston Marathon Expo.

2013-04-12 16.23.27

I looove expos ... but my credit card doesn't! ;)

On Friday, April 12, my car was in the shop so my mom was my driver that day. ;) She picked me up from my final Weight Watchers meeting of the week at 12:20pm, we headed to grab a quick sandwich for lunch then she dropped me off at the Hynes Convention Center just before 2.

I figured the expo would be pretty empty at 2 since that is when it started.

BOY was I wrong.

I walked in the front door to meet my friend Sarah and her daughter Joanna - we were running the 5k together so she had to pick up her number too - and the line to enter the Expo wrapped down and around the corridor.

I was shocked. But, thankfully I had to get my 5k number first so the line to pick up my Marathon number was gone by the time I was done. :)

My 5k bib:

2013-04-12 14.27.24

I had forgotten my BAA card with my Bib # on it to pick up my 5k bib so I had to wait in line to speak with Runner Services. I was so focused on remembering the necessary paperwork to pick up my Marathon Bib that I got lazy with the 5k info. Oops!

Thankfully the line was pretty short and the whole process was pretty painless.

Once, I had my bib I headed back out to meet Sarah so we could enter the Expo.

2013-04-12 14.23.51

I had to keep this photo because I love the photo bum ... I mean photo bomb ... by the random gentleman.

There was a separate entrance for number pick-up so I headed to the right, while Sarah and the stroller headed into the Expo.

With over 27,000 runners participating in the 117th Boston Marathon, I should've expected long lines at the onset. I also should've known that it would be mainly people like me - local charity runners - getting the number pick-up out of the way early.

But once I walked down to my end of the pick-up area (22,000+ numbers), I saw that the longest line of them all had to be mine. The line for people with bibs 22,000-22,600 ... I was bib 22010. Yay - NOT! :P

2013-04-12 14.34.57

I finally made it to the front, handed over my signed bib card and was handed my Boston Marathon bib.

Ahhh... it was such a surreal moment.

I was really going to be running in the Boston Marathon.

2013-04-12 14.38.44

Still smile looking at this picture.

After securing the bib, it was time to pick up my official race shirt and head into the Expo. :)

It was awesome to walk into the Expo and see this right away:

2013-04-12 15.48.45

I sure was All In For Boston.

The first place I had to stop was the New Balance booth. I was going to get a pair of the official Boston Marathon New Balance sneakers.


I mean hello, they glow in the dark! SOLD!

MINE! I got 'em. :)

2013-04-14 09.49.56

Aren't they sweet?

Finally, Sarah and I connected at the New Balance booth and were able to walk around the Expo a little together before she had to get back to her car - damn running out of quarters.

Once Sarah left, I got myself to the front of the Expo and started with row 1 and did a run through the entire place. :)

The Rock 'n' Roll Marathon Series booth was right at the front of the Expo. I showed them the Rock 'n' Roll bag I was wearing and they gave me a free water bottle! Score!


There were guys jumping on a trampoline in skis to demonstrated that their brand of headphones really didn't fall out of your ears. I mean that was some marketing genius there. Granted I cannot remember the name of the headphones so maybe it wasn't that good. Haha.

I turned my head to the right and there was the Brooks booth. These mannequins at the top of the booth actually moved their arms/legs to make it look like they were all running. Pretty cool.

2013-04-12 15.01.10

After spotting markers and the large Boston Marathon banner, I knew I had to sign it.

2013-04-12 15.04.35

I wrote: "Dani Holmes-Kirk in honor of my grandparents! Go Tedy's Team!!"

I made my way into the Addidas official merchandise section of the Expo. Ooohhh everything was blue and yellow and shiny!

It was just before walking in there with help from a season pro like Robin that I found out you didn't automatically get the Boston Marathon jacket, but rather you had to buy it.

I tried one on. I walked around holding it. I kept texting my wife and parents about it. Should I spend the $100 on it? Was it worth it? Could we swing it? I mean I had just bought the New Balance shoes.

But they all said to go for it. This could be the ONE time I run the Boston Marathon so I should have the jacket as a reminder.

(Who would've known how important it would be for me to have that jacket in the next week?)

I almost bought this little guy for my friend Ellie, who loves unicorns - but once I looked at the price tag I just sent her a pic instead. ;)

2013-04-12 15.37.51

How cute?

I loved the Marathon Sports signs all over the Expo.

2013-04-12 16.00.41

So motivating!

I saw it and just kept telling myself that I would RUN every step of Heartbreak Hill on Marathon Monday! No matter what...

Once I had done a good once over of the Expo, I headed to the main booth I had to get to ... Sparkly Soul!

I have the honor of being a Sparkly Soul Ambassador, but since the company is based out of New York I have never met the two women behind the company ... until the Expo.

I knew Pamela would be there and we had tweeted/emailed so often it was like we already knew each other.

2013-04-12 16.06.40

Sparkly Soul is a wonderful company created by Pamela's sister Dari (a marathon runner) and I am honored to be a small part of it.

Once I met Pamela, I had just one final thing on the Expo to-do list ... visit the KT Tape booth!

I had been experiencing some slight knee pain in the weeks leading up to the Marathon and didn't want to take any chances. KT Tape can be worn for up to a week and go through a shower without coming off. So I knew I could get it done Friday and it would still be in place for Sunday's 5k and Monday's Marathon.

2013-04-12 16.09.47

The tape even matched my Saucony sneakers. :0)

It was about 4:30pm by the time I left the Expo and my mom was picking me up at 5pm (as a 30 year old rolls) so I had a beer at The Pour House across the street while I waited.

It was an amazing feeling being surrounded by so many talented runners both in the Expo and the bar after. I was getting super pumped for the rest of the weekend's festivities.


What is your favorite part of a race Expo?