Boston Marathon Weekend Festivities

Just thinking about the next five days is making me tired. But for ALL good reasons.

I mean yes there is the little thing of The actual Boston Marathon taking place on Monday, but there is SOOOO much more happening before then.


Let's see what's on the 'ol docket:


After finishing the work week at 12:15, I will be heading home, getting a good reliable backpack and heading to the Boston Marathon Expo at the Hynes Convention Center. The expo kicks off at 2pm and I think my friend Sarah and I will be there pretty much at the start. ;)

Why you may ask?

Well, I am REALLY hoping I can snag a pair of the exclusive New Balance Boston Marathon sneakers, which are only sold at the Expo. So trying to get there as early as possible will help my chances. *Fingers Crossed*

Aren't they amazing???


(I missed out on the exclusive Run Disney sneakers because we got there too late)

Additionally, I am picking up my bib for the BAA 5k AND the Boston Marathon so lots to get done.

Plus, I have a ton of booths I want to hit up ... the high priority? Meeting the ladies behind the amazing Sparkly Soul headbands. :)



I had the honor of being invited to a special Runner's World Shakeout Run with Bart Yasso, which takes place Saturday morning at 7:30am. I am wicked excited to be meeting up with so many of my fellow bloggers and some of my running idols.

Around lunchtime, I will me joining some of my local Twitter/Facebook friends for lunch before they head into the Expo (and maybe I go back ;)). I will definitely be seeing Sam from Running and Cupcakes and Colleen from The Fit Bee and hopefully some others!!

As if that wasn't an exciting day already, the wife & I have the Tedy's Team Pasta Dinner that night 6-9 at the Lenox Hotel. If we are still functioning, we will end the night with the Runner's World party, which is located close by. I want to take advantage of as many chances as possible to meet some of my running and blogging idols.



And on the day before the Marathon, I decided to sign up for the BAA 5k (8am) with my best friend Sarah. Sarah is turning the Big 3-0 on Monday and since I will be busy running ;) I told her we could run the 5k together the day before as a shakeout run for me.

The biggest hurdle? Holding myself back from race pace.

Thankfully I will have Sarah there to reel me in and keep me in check. Since the BIG SHOW is on Monday!

The rest of the day will be spent relaxing at home and making sure everything I need for Monday is laid out in advance.



The Big Show! :)

Nerves will be setting in. Nervousness will be in full effect. Excitement will be seeping from all parts of my body.

I need to be at the Boston Commons by 7am to take the bus to the Start Line.

Once there, we have a place where all Tedy's Team members can hang out - out of the elements - before the Start.

My wave is set to start around 10:40am.

Then it's GAME TIME baby!

After finishing (assuming I do :P), I will meet my family and the rest of the team at the after spot at a nearby hotel.

I can't wait to see everyone after they Finish, especially my family.



My treat day!

Hey, I deserve a day off from work after the Marathon so I took one. :)

I am meeting my friend Abby for mani-pedis around 11am then followed by lunch/drinks in Davis Square.

I will then putter around until a 90-minute (yup I went there!) massage at Massage Therapy Works.

Once the wife gets out of work, I hope to meet up with her for dinner and possibly getting my 6th tattoo.

I am looking to get the phrase "One Step At A Time" with "13.1" and "26.2" on either side. I need to check with Painted Bird Tattoo parlor to see if they have time.


Now doesn't that sound like one exhausting, amazing and life-changing weekend???

I am smiling, crying and feeling tired all at the same time. :)

But, I feel blessed and can't wait to share all the memories with you all.

Will I see any of you over the next 5 days? Maybe grabbing a beer to celebrate?