Can you see your #Proof? Viewsport REVIEW

Euphoria. Heavy Breathing.


Sense of Accomplishment.



These are all emotional or mental proof of a good workout or run, but sometimes you need physical proof ... like sweat!

But, there is a company out there taking sweat to a new level.


So who are they? There website says:

ViewSPORT® International Inc. is an innovative fitness apparel line focused on the motivated athlete, sports teams, the military, and others looking to get the most from their fitness and training efforts. When an athlete exercises, the patent-pending ViewSPORT sweat-activated technology reveals a design that is only apparent once perspiration comes in contact with the fabric. The harder the wearer works, the more apparent the image.

After reading this I was intrigued so I contacted ViewSPORT and was mailed a shirt to try. Sweet!

The company offers both men's and women's styles, as well as, both cotton and tech shirts.

Since losing weight, I still don't know how to properly size a shirt when I can't try it on. So to be on the safe side I asked for the Fitfluential Men's Cotton Tee ($26 value).

2013-04-08 16.02.09

I am a Fitfluential Ambassador so I figured it was the perfect choice. PLUS, it came in blue/yellow - which are the Boston Marathon colors. It seemed like it was made just for me. ;)

So how does this whole thing work?

When athletes and other fitness-conscious people exercise and begin to sweat, motivational words or images appear on their ViewSPORT athletic-performance attire. The company’s patent-pending “sweat-activated technology” reveals an increasingly clear image the more someone sweats during training. After a workout, when the shirt dries out, the special graphics become invisible again.

Okay, that seems freakin' cool.

On Wednesday, I had a 5-mile run on tap with my best friend and it was going to be high 60s out in Boston so it seemed like the perfect chance to try out the shirt.

Here is how it looked before the run.

2013-05-02 10.10.07

I don't normally run in cotton t-shirts, but I made the sacrifice so I could see the cool message revealed. ;)

After tucking the sleeves up under my sports bra, I was ready to rock and roll.

BOY was it hot during our run. I could feel the sweat running down my back so I was really hoping the message would reveal itself loud and clear.

I had my friend Sarah so into this as well that she routinely checked me throughout the run to see the progress. :) When she wasn't happy with how much was revealed, she bumped our speed up. Ummm thanks ViewSPORT for our speedy run. :P

2013-05-01 16.14.44

Once we finished stretching, I was ready to see the secret message.

We headed upstairs to find out what my shirt said...

2013-05-01 16.25.25


Here is the after:

2013-05-01 16.31.05

And the miles I put in, the sweat that showed on my shirt and the pride I felt were all #PROOF of a good workout.

So thanks ViewSPORT for letting me show others the #PROOF I felt inside.

Here is the back before vs. after the run:

2013-05-02 10.10.36

Once I cooled down and dried off, the secret message disappeared and the shirt went completely back to the before.

How cool is all that?

Hey, sometimes we need a funky shirt like this to motivate us to get out and move. I say whatever it takes to get us moving.

Now, I think as women we tend to sweat MORE in the lower part of our back - or maybe that is just me - so I think my saying would've appeared sooner or darker if I had worn a women's style ViewSPORT tee since the secret message is located farther down on that style.

I have nothing to back up that theory, but it is a thought I had while running. Maybe some day I will try the women's tee and test my theory, but for now I am pleased with the shirt and the #PROOF I have now.

Time to figure out when I will rock it again...


Have you tried out a ViewSPORT t-shirt yet? Would a sweat-induced secret message motivate YOU to move more?