Want to join me at the VERT-Sasquatch Trail Run?

Annddddd the winner IS:

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CONGRATS!!!! Thank you to everyone that participated and big thanks to our Sponsor!!!


I am NOT a trail runner. Okay! Phew! I feel better getting that deep dark secret off my chest. So why am I participating in and giving away a free entry in a Trail Run? Because this isn't like the other trail races.

VERT Race Series is a unique, new school trail race series from the research lab @Cambridge 5K. We have two races scheduled for 2013: VERT - SASQUATCH, 7/14 @ DCR Middlesex Fells, and VERT - Big Bad Wolf, 9/21 @ the Ipswich Ale Brewery, Ipswich, MA. We are also working hard to add some epic l-o-n-g-e-r (and more BAD ass) races so stay tuned!

Last year's Sasquatch race was my first-ever trail run ... read my experience here!


The Sasquatch race is a 2.35 mile run through the Fells in Stoneham, Mass - which VERT refers to as a "sprint" trail run. Can't you see how much fun I am having in the picture above? :) The race is set off in a large open field and in waves so you are not really tripping over other people along the course. I wasn't bumping elbows with folks like normal starts of races. The trail is somewhat thin throughout the run, but you can easily pass people if necessary. The end of the run is a downhill and referred to as the "Sasquatch chute" by the runners. :) You end back on the open field you began on. As soon as you finish, it's party time! That's right.



Team Slumbrew owning the after party!

In addition to your race entry, you have access to the post-race party at the Stone Zoo, which includes delicious local craft beer (Go Slumbrew!), food and a dance off or two. ;)


Isn't that ceramic mug I'm drinking out of amazing? I won it for being the most social female runner - scroll to the bottom of here! AAAANNNNDDD the race is accessible via public transportation!! SCORE! So have I convinced you to give VERT-Sasquatch a try? I will sweeten the pot by offering a free entry!! Here's how to enter the giveaway: The giveaway will run from Wednesday July 3 (10am ET) through Wednesday July 10 (10am ET)!

The winner will be selected and announced on Wednesday!