Weekly Workout Wind Up (9/5-11/13)

In a rare (and much needed ) turn of events, I had two rest days this week. I think my body was appreciative of the extra downtime. There are many people that say you can overtrain and I am really trying to avoid that. So I think this week happens to be a lower mileage week in the #DopeyChallenge training and it is coming at the right time. I am really hoping that after this week, I can start adding the variety back in to my workouts that I had earlier in the summer. But between work, blogging and life I haven't had time to add the variety recently.

Hi Excuses! My name is Dani.

But as my schedule changes at work, I need to get creative to add in the runs I need plus some other fun stuff.

I will make it work!!

Plus, I think I am going to get a bike trainer for the fall/winter since we all know the bike is my weakest part of the triathlon so I need to work extra hard at it this offseason.


Thursday, September 5: REST DAY


Friday, September 6: 8-Mile Run


Saturday, September 7: 6.3-Mile Run


Sunday, September 8: Women's Sprint Triathlon (1/2 Mile Swim, 12 Mile Bike, 5k Run)


Monday, September 9: 4-Mile Run and 50-Min Spin



Tuesday, September 10: REST DAY


Wednesday, September 11: 4-Mile Run



Bring on the Rock 'n' Roll Philly Half on Sunday! :)