My Recent Running Finds

New toys. New shiny things. New running clothes. I love finding new gadgets or clothing to improve my running/gym experiences.

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Here are a few things that I have found through the interwebs.

1) Cory Vines 

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Cory Vines is a clothing company out of Montreal, Canada. I had the honor of speaking with their founder Daniel over the phone a couple of weeks back. Their products are available online only, which helps with cost, and are all about the buyers' needs.

We aren’t trying to sell 10,000 items. We only make things we are really excited about. Our goal is to keep it simple by providing a seamless shopping experience. We produce everything you need and nothing that you don't.

I sampled the Essential Long Sleeve in Sunset (pictured above), which retails for $35 USD. The fabric is soft, light and extremely breathable. Not only did it serve as a great base layer for my run it also is soft enough to wear while lounging on the couch watching movies.

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Don't you love a versatile and functional piece of clothing?

2) KT Tape

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I have been using KT Tape on my knee for all of my big races, especially since many of the bigger races have KT Tape booths at the expo so you can try it for free.

But as my body took a beating during marathon training for The Boston Marathon in April 2013, I needed support more often. I finally got the courage to try applying KT Tape myself rather than letting the experts do it at a race expo. :)

KT Tape has instructional videos on their website that make it easy enough for someone like me to correctly apply the tape.

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I use it on my knee on almost a daily basis for stabilization during my runs/workouts. After injuring my wrist during an obstacle race this past summer, I needed something to help stabilize my wrist while strength training and KT Tape came to the rescue.

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After seeing my friend Heather post on Instagram about KT Tape helping her ball-of-foot pain, I had to give it a try. I was diagnosed with Metatarsalgia last month and the metatarsal pad wasn't helping my pain in the slightest so I turned to KT Tape to help relieve some of the pain. I was skeptical at first because how could tape help relieve the pressure, but it has really helped. More so than the metatarsal pad. Now the pain isn't 100% disappearing, but it is making running bearable. I've even been able to participate in the #RWRunStreak thanks to KT Tape.

3) Armpocket

I was contacted to test out Armpocket and I am so happy they reached out! I had never heard of this product before.

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The Armpocket (this model valued at $29.95) can hold your phone, ID, credit cards, train pass, money for a post-run low-fat chocolate milk or coffee ;) and more. And by more I mean I could fit my ENERGYBits, my natural running energy boost, in the armband so I wouldn't have to bring an extra bag to a race when traveling solo.

Traveling to races or long runs solo is always nerve-wracking to me. Where will I bag check or stash my stuff along the way. But Armpocket can actually hold all of my essentials in one place, while keeping them dry (it's water resistant), being lightweight on my arm and keeping me fueled throughout the run.

The Armpocket offers different colors and different models to match all smart phones!

4) Zensah Smart Running Gloves

How many times have you tried to change a song on your iPod during a run only to have your glove fail at "swiping" the smart phone screen?

Enter the Zensah Smart Running Gloves (retail $29.99).

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The gloves not only keep your hands warm, but they also allow you to finally change the songs on your iPod or text a friend without having to take your gloves off. Let me tell you as someone that runs in the unbearable cold temperatures of the Boston winter I am psyched for these beauties. They are going to come in pretty handy while training for the 2014 Boston Marathon.

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The gloves in action setting up my Runkeeper for my latest run. Look ma gloves on and I can still work my phone! :)

5) ACTIVE Accessories


Active Accessories’ On-The-Go Accessory Pouch is a versatile, sporty clutch designed for people of all ages who are always “on the go”. Designed to fill the reoccurring need of a “fun and athletic looking” accessory holder to put jewelry in when going from work to the gym or running outside. Never lose an earring again!

Since I usually head to the gym from home, I haven't had to use it to hold my jewelry accessories (as the owner of Active Accessories, Nancy, does) but instead as a way to bring my essentials on walk with a friend to get coffee or a trip to the gym. This cute clutch (value $9.99) can hold my ID, credit card, cash, keys and my iPhone while I am out and about. This is a HUGE help since I usually jam all of that stuff in my pockets, which isn't the most secure way to do it, or I leave everything on top of the piece of the exercise equipment I am using and inevitably fall of mid-workout. So now all of my valuables are in one safe spot.

Plus, I can rock this on a daily basis while running errands as well. Talk about getting your $10 worth.

But, I like where Nancy was going when inventing this product. When I had to go straight from work to the gym or vice versa, I would just shove my jewelry in the side pocket of my gym bag, which wasn't a safe way to hold my valuables or a way to keep my necklaces from tangling with my earrings.

6) 1BandID


I am one forgetful person when it comes to heading out for my run or leaving the house on the norm. So when I found 1BandID I got excited that I could now attach my information (which every runner should have on them whenever they are out hitting the pavement) to my Garmin. I never run/walk without my Garmin so having my info attached to the Garmin itself seems genius.

I was sold after reading their website:

What Makes 1BandID Different

  • It attaches to your watch, GPS or Heart Rate Monitor band, the one thing triathletes, runners and most cyclists wear most often. It simplifies safety and helps make ID unforgettable.
  • Patented design that minimizes bulk and weight. It's an identification tag that is so light and comfortable you won't even know it's there until you need it the most. So while you're checking your heart rate, distance or time, or clocking another lap at the track, 1BandID has your back. 
  • Neoprene instead of nylon so it doesn't absorb water. It's ID that is built to withstand countless hours in the pool or any weather mother nature throws at you on the road or trail.
  • Nearly indestructible stainless steel tag holds up to 6 lines of crystal clear contact and medical information. Because seconds count in an emergency, the most important information is plainly visible on the front of the tag.
  • Available in lots of colors so you can accessorize your race kit, show off your mood or just pick your favorite.
  • Made in the USA and proudly shared around the world.

All of that for $19.99. Seems like a no-brainer to me!


There are just a few of the new products that I've discovered and enjoyed using on my runs/trips to the gym recently!

I hope some of these can help you! :)