Reconnecting With Why I Started Blogging

"Why do you blog?" "What do you blog about?"

"Why would people read your blog?"

Probably the top three questions I get when I share with someone why I blog. Now it's actually only recently that I start to lead with blogging when I am asked what I do for a living. I usually never brought it up because it's not like I am making money from it so it technically isn't a job.

Maybe more of an obsession ... joy ... a thing that gives me life?

None of those seem to fit. So I normally say I am a Weight Watchers Leader and leave it at that.

But, the more I hear folks enjoy reading and relating to Weight Off My Shoulders, the prouder I get. Plus, I LOVE talking about the amazing adventures and sweet races I have completed thanks to this little slice of the internet.

Lately however I've felt like I am getting away from why I truly started this blog: as a space to share my ups and downs about weight loss, the struggles I've had with eating disorders and depression and learning to make maintenance work.

Now those pieces are still here, but recently I've felt like I was in a long stretch of race recaps and product reviews. Outside of my Dani Dishes vlogs which are a great outlet for me to ramble through a topic plaguing me that week.

I don't want to feel unappreciative of those opportunities, but it was taking over my mind space that how I was truly feeling inside was being hidden.

Exactly what happened BEFORE starting this space.

Thankfully I am all caught up on race recaps (I know this wouldn't be a problem if I didn't race so much ;)) and am ready to get back to sharing the experiences that have molded me to be the person I am today and how I still fight to overcome negativity, the comparison game and more.

Bringing balance back to the blog will bring balance back to my life. I think. Well it's worth a try, right?


I need to take a moment to thank you all for sharing this journey with me. I never thought when I started this blog three years ago that anyone would even read it or it would morph into what it is today. I am honored to be given the opportunities I have and I can't wait to see what else awaits.

A blog must evolve as the person writing it evolves. I just think I allowed some aspects to overtake others. It happens. I'm human and still learning about how this whole social media thing works.

All I know is that I love it and I couldn't imagine not having Weight Off My Shoulders and @IrishEyes1982 in my life.


So be ready for more consistent posting here on the blog. But you can always check me out - hey not my booty please ;) - on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.