Face It Friday ... Bringin' It Back!

Truth Tuesday. Face It Friday.

When I was focused on losing weight, every weigh-in day I would post about the results or just how the week was going. It was that extra accountability I needed ... and allowed me to use some alliteration! ;)

But once I hit goal and then Lifetime - they stopped. Why? Because I wasn't weighing in on the regular any more. Instead of attending my meeting, I was leading it. There was a shift. So away went the posts.

Now I am not necessarily back to weighing every Friday, but I think this can serve as a space to reflect back on my week. Make note of the good and the bad. Face "it" where the "it" is myself rather than the number on the scale.

There is that whole changing with the times thing I mentioned in yesterday's post.

So let's get right to it.

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The past two weeks I have been focusing on what helped me get to goal and what works to keep me there. I got back to tracking - because I still can't control portions when I don't own up to them with a point value - and focusing on the Good Health Guidelines.

It has worked. I feel better. The bloating that was going on has gone away and I am seeing more positively.

It's like the design says up above. You feel good when you exercise regularly and when you exercise regularly you eat better... etc! Everything relates to each other.


And it pays off on the scale as well. Adios bloat!

Now this tracking wasn't perfect but I focused on progress. I know I indulge Friday-Sunday - it's life! So I tracked as best I could those days and stayed true to my 28 DPT Monday-Thursday. :)

I also made sure that I focused on getting in the Good Health Guidelines - all of them - Monday-Thursday and as many as possible Friday-Sunday.

And you know what. I went to a BBQ, I had beer, I moved a lot and I lost. I even used all WPs and half of my APs. And you know what? The scale still went down.

So many members are scared to use the WPs and APs, but what is the harm in trying? You earn 'em - use 'em. Weight Watchers gives them to you - use 'em. That's my motto. And if it doesn't work - tweak it.

There is no rhyme or reason to weight loss week in and week out. The body may forget that it should be it's lightest at the moment you step on the scale. So think about how you feel.

Today, I feel happy and healthier than two weeks ago.

That's what matters.

So as I look at myself in the mirror today and Face It, I know I put out my best foot this week. Was every choice spot on? No of course not. But, I paused and thought about the consequences before I ate or drank something.

My question for this past week and future weeks will be:

"Will X help me achieve my goal?"

And you can bet your booty that occasionally I will say: "Will this beer help me achieve my goal?" Hellz to the yeah.

Balance is what I found this week and I will continue to strive for in the future.

Watch out folks ... Dani got her groove back!


WIN of the week

Attending and winning my first Flywheel Boston Spin class taught by my Tedy's Team teammate Melinda!

(Note: your first class is FREE so definitely check out a Flywheel near you!)