Iron Girl Webster Race Prep w/ Got Chocolate Milk Expo Fun

It's almost time for...




I cannot wait for this medal to me miiinneee!!

On Sunday (July 20) I will be taking on my first triathlon of the season and my third triathlon overall (all Sprint Tris). The Iron Girl Webster race, which I will be completing on behalf of Got Chocolate Milk, consists of a

1/3 mile swim ... 12 mile bike ... 3 mile run

But before I can even make it to Sunday, there is some race prep that has to go down.

Where to begin?

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Step One: Lay out everything I need for Race Day

I find it helpful to lay my gear out by category.

Category 1: Outfit.

2014-07-17 20.45.59

Choice for Iron Girl Webster? My Got Chocolate Milk Tri Kit, my Garmin watch and a Sparkle Athletic Skirt.

Not pictured Zensah sports bra.

This will be my base for the day, except I will NOT be wearing the Sparkle Athletic skirt in the water. ;)

Category 2: Transition Area.

2014-07-17 20.46.39

I love to use my Asics towel as my base. On top of that base goes all accessories, fuel and "just in case" stuff. I like to keep a water bottle, a handheld water bottle (if I want it for the run), a KIND bar, my ENERGYBits and sunglasses.

Category 3: The Swim.

2014-07-17 20.47.14

So apparently I cut off the most important part of the swim attire - goggles. Ha. So my swim gear includes goggles, swim cap (usually one issued by the race itself), wetsuit and a towel to clear off my feet to transition to the bike.

Do you like the sweet Nestle towel I have? I got it when the Nesquik Bunny visited me back in March. :)

Category 4: The Bike.

2014-07-17 20.48.00

Once I maneuver the wetsuit off - hopefully without falling :P - and the feet are dry, it is time to secure my Sparkly Soul headband before putting on my helmet. You can get penalized if you are moving with the bike and not having your helmet on so I make sure it is one of the first thing I put on for the bike.

This will be my first time using Bike Shoes so once the helmet is on, I will put on my Zensah compression sleeves, attach my race belt which will already have my number on it and slip into the shoes.

Category 5: The Run.

2014-07-17 20.48.13

The final transition should be the easiest. Bike shoes and helmet off ... visor and sneakers on.

Once I give everything a once over - adding the race bib and bike number - it all goes into my big IKEA bag (yup classy) and it sits by the front door. This way I won't forget anything.

But since it is Friday and I have everything in order I can pick up last-minute times at...

Step Two: The Expo

On Saturday (June 19), I will be heading to Webster to attend the Iron Girl Expo - pick up my bib, purchase anything I might be missing and to hopefully see friends and readers. Oh and I won't just be attending, I will be co-hosting some things.


I know.


My Got Chocolate Milk teammate Chrisann and I will be co-hosting:

** Q&A Panel at 12:30pm answer any last-minute questions participants may have, while sharing some of our stories as well. Oh and of course I will be sharing how much low-fat Chocolate Milk plays into my training. :)

** Shake Out Run at 1:30pm shake out the legs, but also the nerves. It is will light and easy and topped off with some low-fat Chocolate Milk. Yay!

** Booth Time til 3:00pm

...Chrisann and I will be at the Got Chocolate Milk booth following the Shake Out Run to meet participants. Please come by and say hi!! Let's take a selfie!

After the Expo I will be heading home to...

Step Three: Refuel, Recharge and Rest

Saturday Night will be a nice lowkey time spent at home with my foam roller, compression shorts and socks and a little pasta. Oh don't forget the water too. Staying hydrated is important.

Plus the alarm clock will be going off super early on Sunday so I need my beauty rest. :0)

Step Four: Race Day

HAVE FUN!! In case one forgets, these races are supposed to be joyful and exciting. So I will be turning the butterflies into fuel and remembering what Tedy Bruschi told us:

The Start Line is the Finish Line and the race is the party!


Now many folks might be wondering how to refuel after the race itself.

Here are the top five tips from Got Chocolate Milk and I:

  1. Ice muscles. Cooling down muscles post-exercise in short bursts (10 minutes on, 10 minutes off) could reduce inflammation, muscle soreness and speed the path to recovery.
  2. Compression. To get back to your training schedule and regain energy quickly, try wearing compression garments, which can help decrease the time it takes for muscles to recover between intense bouts of exercise.
  3. Active Recovery. Gentle movement improves circulation, which promotes nutrient and waste product transport through the body to help muscles repair faster. Try a light jog at the scenic Midstate Trail or explore Lake Chaubunagungamaug.
  4. Lowfat Chocolate Milk. Looking for a convenient post workout snack? 20+ studies support the benefits of lowfat chocolate milk for post-exercise recovery and research shows it has the right mix of protein and carbs to help athletes recover quickly so they can start preparing for their next challenge.
  5. Roll it out. Much of the soreness that goes along with exercise occurs when muscles become knotted; rolling out muscles with foam rollers can help remove these knots and promote recovery.


What's left?


Number 1: Have Fun!

Number 2: Finish!

Number 3: Learn! I am using this as a test for the Pumpkinman Half Ironman I am doing in September. I will need to remember what worked and what didn't so I can alter the plan before The Sharon Tri on August 10.


Are you participating in Iron Girl Webster? Will I see you Saturday at the Q&A or Shake Out Run?