Replacing "Before & After" with "Then & Now"

Transformation Tuesday is a big craze where folks share their Before and After photos for weight loss, fitness accomplishments, etc.


Before and After photos have been around for ages. We all know what they are I assume.


This was in September 2011 and should've been titled Before and During

I couldn't wait to share my own Before and After photos once I hit Goal with Weight Watchers. I would finally reach my after and blast those comparison pictures wherever I could.

The dreaded Before. I look back on those before pictures with disgust at how big I got. I can remember how pained I was. Smiles forced.

Being able to post that hatred next to a beaming After photo pushed me through tough patches both mentally and physically.

But as I reached that forsaken After in January 2012, it didn't feel as euphoric as I wanted.


I was ready for more. The After wasn't truly the end... to me at least.

New Afters were swirling through my head:

* Run a sub 4-hour marathon

* Try a triathlon

* Tackle my fear of obstacle races

* Improve my pace

* Run farther

* Race around the world ... okay that is more race in places around the world ;) I'm not that much of a distance runner yet

How could I use the phrase "Before and After" when I wanted to
stop hating my Before and what I defined as "After" kept changing?

For months this little thought has been growing and cultivating in the back of my mind. What could I use instead? Sharing my story helps keep me motivated, while inspiring others to chase their dreams. But I can't handle the Before and After title.

Here's my idea:

Let's replace Before and After with Then and Now.

photo (58)

Then and Now offers a more open-ended comparison between two different phases in my life. It takes any negative connotation I may imply by shunning the Before and celebrating the After. I can continue to work to love the former me even when comparing it to the current me, which I am still working to embrace - faults and all.

Then and Now allows me to spread my wings and continue pushing my own envelope and expanding that comfort zone.

Will you join me in the movement? Let's celebrate the Then and Now!