Face It Friday: Oh Hey 150s 8/22/14

Throughout my weight loss journey I have always wanted to banish certain numbers on the scale. Like once I got out of the 230s, I never wanted to see them again. Once 199 popped up on the scale, I said OHHH HHELLLLO ONEDERLAND. We will never be breaking up.

Etc etc as the number on the scale went down to the goal decade ... 150s.

I never thought I would be so happy to call that decade home. When I first got there, I checked my dcotors records and the last time I was at that weight was 7th grade. What up 1995! That's right. At goal I weighed what I weighed when I was in junior high.

Isn't that insane?

As someone overweight most of my life (even though it didn't always look it thanks to my height - 5'8'), it was hard to adjust to being in such new terrain.

I swore to myself I would never leave that decade again.

Well life happened this year and that decade left me. I saw numbers I hadn't see in years.

photo 1 (6)

I felt like a failure. How could I maintain goal for 2 years then let a new job and unhappiness take it all away?

Well as we know I reclaimed the journey on June 13 and have been so happy with the progress made thus far.

Not only is the number on the scale going back down to where it should be, but I am feeling more balanced.

When I hit goal, I was not doing the amount of exercise and endurance training I am doing now. THAT is a huge adjustment: fueling, hydrating, refueling, etc. It is a whole new ballgame.

Again one I thought I would never be in, but am happy with how my fitness journey has evolved over the last few years.

And today I am happy to report I am BACK in the 150s!!

photo 2


It is NICE to be back.

But more than what that number says is how I feel. I feel leaner and more toned.

I know there shouldn't be so much emphasis on the scale, BUT I would like to move less of me around during my races. I think of it more for my athletic dreams now than a certain number or a clothing size.

This past weekend wasn't pretty. We were on the Cape and I had a blast. I indulged and enjoyed it. Mmmmm pizza!

photo 4 (75)

But as soon as we pulled back into our house at 7am on Monday morning, it turned right back to business.

I am proud of myself for estimating the best I could this weekend and NOT throwing my hands up in the air when I saw the negative number hit triple digits. I put my head down and did the best I could to chop it down.

I made sure to focus on the Good Health Guidelines as I do every day. It really shapes my day and I feel better overall when I check those off. Plus the smiley faces are awesome. ;)

Overall I am pleased with my last week. I felt good all week and tried three new Spin class (which I will review on the blog next week).

I wanted to emotionally eat yesterday due to tiredness, stress and overall crankiness. Knowing I had weigh in today I stuck to the snacks I brought in my backpack and avoided tripping a guy for his Kit Kat Bar. Ohh it looked so good though.

Thankfully today is Day One of my week so I start with a clean slate.

photo 3 (89)

The rude people at Weight Watchers penalized my success by docking me a Daily Point. How rude? ;)

But once again I will do my best, but roll with the punches.


Today, I registered for my friend Shannyn's #virtualpugrun 5k! It has a sweet medal and you can check out the info here.


She is offering a 1-miler, 5k and 10k.


Have a great weekend everyone!!

Do you have a goal decade?