Pavement Runner Got Me Thinking: Do I Have A Marathon Shoe?

Let me start off by saying I still can't believe I can even write the title of this post and have it attached to my name. Most readers know I was not always a runner. I actually detested it for most of my life. I finally caved and gave it a try in January 2005 to help me try to lose weight. Well in September 2006, I tackled my first marathon: Clarence DeMar on September 24, 2006 - finishing 4th to last (309 of 312).


Official Time: 5:59:27

I vowed after that day that I would never run again.

I stuck to that promise for about 4 years... until the Chocolate called my name.


The Hot Chocolate 5k in Chicago on November 6, 2010. broke the streak.

But unfortunately my short return to running was cut after herniating a disc in my L4-L5 in December 2010. Fast forward past back surgery and PT to June 2011 and I was cleared to work out ... and run again. And run I did.

When I hit goal with Weight Watchers in January 2012, I celebrated. How? By signing up for the Rock 'n' Roll Savannah Marathon in November 2012.



Official Time: 3:58:49 (current PR)

It lit the spark again.

One marathon became two has turned into 6.


Boston Marathon 2013: 4:04:08


Walt Disney World Marathon 2014: 4:45:57


Boston Marathon 2014: 5:31:18


Rock 'n' Roll Nashville Marathon 2014: 4:42:12

The marathons locations were different. The stories told in their own ways. The memories original.

But through it all there was one constant.

My sneaker choice of...


If only I had kept a few of my earlier pairs, I would've had enough to make the entire 26.2 out of GT-2000s. :P

One of the biggest draws of the GT-2000s for me is the Gel Cushion system in the forefoot and the rearfoot of the shoe to absorb shock. Especially since having back surgery I just feel most comfortable in this shoe for the long distance runs.

In addition to six marathons, 19 of my 21 half marathons have also been in the 2000s.

What can I say I am a creature of habit!

So thanks Pavement Runner for letting me go down memory lane and realize that the marathon routes may change, the outfits will evolve, but once you find the shoe ... it is with you marathon in and marathon out!


I wonder which marathon my latest pair will pick for #7!


Do you have a go to shoe for long distance running?