Face It Friday: Putting September Behind Me

The month of September featured both highs and lows: * Completing my first half ironman - big high!! :)


* Reducing activity to recover - sad low!

* Had a blast turning 3-2 - motivating high!


* Taking the celebration of my birthday from a day to a couple weeks - disappointing low!

* Enjoying some new delicious craft beers - delicious high!

* Tracking the good, bad, ugly - high and low! I didn't make my promise of tracking everything in the month of September - missed 1/3 of the month.


But now we are in a fresh month ... okay I know we are technically 10 days into a new month, but to me a "fresh month" starts whenever we need it to happen.

From August 29 through today (10/10), I regained 4.5 lbs. Not happy with that, but I know it could've been worse. There were still some great things I did during that month and I am focusing on the positives.

FullSizeRender (2)

But I faced the scale today to see that in the last two weeks I gained 0.7 lbs. That is okay.


It is fascinating that when I tend to go off track my body jumps to 161 and sits around there. It is such an odd thing I have learned about my body during the 2.5 years since hitting goal. Do I know why? Nope, but a pattern I have noticed.

This past week I had decided not to track over the weekend it was a big three days of indulging, two wedding celebrations and a lack of activity. I had 14 APs by Monday morning which is the least I've had in ages.

But after a walk with two of my fellow Weight Watchers leaders, I went back to guestimate as best I could. No need in lying to myself or my tracker.


It felt better to own up to the choices.

So my goal going forward is to gain more control over my weekends (as has been the goal all summer) and find a better balance.

Either way I am 4.9 lbs away from being back into Lifetime range and 6.9 lbs from Goal. I will get back there, but in the meantime I am happy that my clothes are feeling looser and I am in the healthy weight range for my height (which is most important).

We are more than a number... remember that!

On the flip side I would be happier with a little less weight off my surgically repaired back so focusing on getting back to the 150s!


Do you plan controlled indulgences during the week?