Face It Friday: Different Holiday, Same Result 12/26/14

Does anyone else have those out of body experiences when in the middle of an activity? I felt like I was flying above my body on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day and just shaking my head at poor choices left and right. Now I made the mistake of weighing in on Wednesday morning rather than waiting until my normal day on Friday morning.

Why did I weigh in early? Well I could tell you that it is because I was subbing the meeting I normally weigh in at ... but that would be an excuse.

I really wanted to get the weigh-in over before choosing to overindulge on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Yup I set myself up for failure disappointment there. You would think that I would be smarter five years into Weight Watchers, but we are all still learning.

My weekend wasn't that great. I had a few more beers than the past two weeks and could feel the bloat stay with me all week.

I ended up being up 0.6 this week (12/24 weigh-in) and accepted that.


It wasn't what I wanted, but I did the best I could on Monday and Tuesday to get back on track. I missed two days worth of on spot eating and extra activity. Life is life.


I was happy to be within free lifetime range for the second-straight work. Woo! Tiny victory.

Now once the weigh-in was over I tried to stay on plan for as much of Wednesday as I could... until our Christmas Eve tradition would start.

Well I promptly emotionally ate 14 pts worth of Simply Tostitos. Now I made the mistake of opening the bag in the car! NOT AGAIN! Remember: Never Failure, Always Feedback. So remembering that for future reference.

I am proud that when I got home I calculated how many grams of chips were in the whole bag, weighed the amount of chips remaining and did the math to get an accurate PPV for the incident in the car. That is how I figured out it was 14. I will take THAT as a Bravo moment.

We enjoyed the holiday tradition: Chinese food, wine, PJs and National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation. I inevitably had the extra helping of Chinese food I didn't need and same with the wine.

BUT I did track it all. Another tiny victory.

I woke up at 7am on Christmas morning to get in a 10k run - 5k with my dad biking with me and 5k with a friend - in the rain! Go me.

Once home from the second 5k, my friend Lori and I each had a beer to celebrate. :)

We - my parents and I - opted to stay home for the Holiday, which I was behind. I thought it would help me stay more on plan, but actually backfired. I made one poor choice after another. I had more on plan food downstairs in my apartment, but instead went with the higher PPV foods my parents had. Ummm hi Dani you know better.

I think my downfall was giving myself permission to enjoy the Holiday as long as I tracked it all... which I did. I made sure to practice self-kindess and self-forgiveness... but maybe a little too much! You know what I mean?

Next Holiday

**I need to give myself a PPV cap. I think that will give me the flexibility to have what I want, but to keep it in control.

**I need to stick with my normal weigh-in day which would also keep me more in check on the Holiday in question.

Now, I am proud that I saw how my Christmas morning went and opted to get out for a third run to bring the total of Christmas miles to 9. Woo!

While I am happy that I tracked all through the week, I didn't like the choices that I made. This folks is why it is so helpful to track no matter what - I have something to look back to and see what worked and what didn't.

We know this isn't the first or last Holiday I will experience so I can improve each time.

I did end up hitting 94 APs earned over the week, which is my highest in a few months. Woo!


Overall not my best week and not my worst. It was kind of there. BUT I did move more, tracked it all and didn't feel like I "wasted" any PPV.


How did you Holiday go? Did you practice self-forgiveness for choices made?