Face It Friday: No Weigh In, Blizzard 2015 & An Honest Tracker 1/30/15

Today I took a No-Weigh In. The wife started feeling woozy and sick yesterday so take a wild guess who started feeling those symptoms next. So last night I took some Nyquil PM and turned my alarm off. Taking care of us is more important than the scale. So I am okay with the choice.

Now this past week was not one of my finest weeks food wise. Not the reason I took the NWI. The number on the scale is just that a number.

I made the conscious choice to bring tempting snacks into the house when I knew I would be stuck in the house due to Blizzard 2015. Now I did do about 3+ hours of shoveling on Tuesday (day of the storm) AND went outside for a 4.5 mile run.



Bravo to me for getting out and getting active despite multiple excuses I could've used.

Next Blizzard I will keep the tempting chippy type snacks out of the house and move the healthy stuff (that I did have in the house) to the FRONT of the fridge and cabinets!


I had a horrendous week keeping my emotional eating and poor snack choices in check BUT I weighed/measured it all and honestly tracked. Why lie to my tracker? It only hurts me.

Since my tracker is never failure and only FEEDBACK, I have a new plan for this week. My week restarts on Friday!

I did a lot of good stuff this week that I will celebrate:

^ 10 straight days of tracking, 100% on activelink (10 APs) and at least 10k steps on my Fitbit ^ 16 consecutive days of drinking at least 100oz of water ^ Extended my running streak to 97-straight days ^ Successfully practiced self-forgiveness

I also had a sweet Non-Scale Victory (NSV) at an Athleta event on Newbury Street. Oh hey size Medium pants! Yes I had to buy both pairs because well they were Medium AND I was getting 30% off. ;)



Are you tracking honestly?