Tedy’s Team Group Run – 12 Miles (1/3/15)

This run would be mentally tough. I knew that going into it. Last week's run was emotional as it marked the 2-year anniversary of my Grampa passing away. This week would be more of a mental game. I was tired when I woke up. I opted to run 5 miles and do an intense Flywheel Spin class the night before today's 12-miler. What was I thinking? I was thinking I need to push myself to get better. Plus, the class was being taught by my Tedy's Team teammate and friend Melinda. She would also be running 12 miles today. If she could teach the kick ass class then I could take it... and come in first on the Torq board! ;)


I made sure to sleep in my Zensah compression shorts and socks last night to help the legs recover for today's hilly 12-miler.


That's right folks! It was time to face Heartbreak Hill for the first time since June.

I made sure to dress up for the occasion and rock my Comic Book Sparkle Athletic skirt.


I would have the pleasure once again of running with Page. I was worried I would slow her down today due to tired legs, but she was feeling under the weather so we decided no matter the pace to stick together.


It has been great having the accountability with Page to get me through our #FridayFive runs (5 miles every Friday morning) and these last couple training runs. Usually Page works on Saturday so from here on out she will miss our group runs. Darnit!

After stretching and foam rolling inside Joint Ventures in Kenmore Square, it was time to buck up and hit the road for some miles.

While it was cold (real feel 18 degrees), the sun was out and there wasn't any snow or rain. So really nothing to complain about on that side. It is winter in Boston of course it will be cold.

Instead of the normal out and back, we would be heading out Beacon Street for just under 6 miles, taking a right on to Centre Street in Newton, taking a right onto Comm Ave (hello Heartbreak) then a final left on to Beacon Street. All told that loop is roughly 11.6 miles. So you know I would be making Page add on a little extra at the en to get the 12. :P

Mile 1: 8:33 Mile 2: 9:15 Mile 3: 8:59

Boy those inclines/baby hills during Mile 2 get me every week. I always think we are running faster in mile 2 than mile 1, but the splits never measure up with that. :P

Just after making it through Mile 3 at Coolidge Corner, we have a quick break at our first water stop of the morning.


And Margaret and I can take our weekly selfie! 4-for-4

While we headed towards Boston College, I knew another hill would be ahead of us. Yes this route is hilly all over the place. ;)

As we buckled down and pushed up the hill, I could feel the previous night's Spin class! I tried to use it as fuel rather than an excuse to slow it down. I wanted to push myself up the hill, but save some in the tank for Heartbreak.

Mile 4: 9:00 Mile 5: 9:07 Mile 6: 8:50

Can you tell where I celebrated the downhill?

We headed through Newton center, passing other runners along the way and took our right on Centre Street. We took a quick moment to grab a pic of cool street art.


I appreciate running with Page since she doesn't mind stopping for pics along the way. I know it can be annoying to run with a blogger sometimes... or rather this blogger! I know there is a difference. ;)

After a quick run down Centre Street, which offers cute shops, beautiful church and a little incline, we were ready to take the right on to Comm Ave.


Since we were meeting Comm Ave at Centre Street, we weren't getting the full tour of Heartbreak Hill today. For those that don't know, the historic Heartbreak Hill isn't just one hill - it is about three miles of rolling hills with the toughest at the end. So yes we were getting the biggest beast today.


It's so awesome seeing so many runners out on the course. Lots of head nods, smiles and high fives along the way. I mean we are all out there grinding away so folks feel your pain.

2015 will mark Page's fifth Boston with Tedy's Team and my third so it is great to swap "war stories" or memories while running on familiar terrain.

Mile 7: 8:51

It is a great sight seeing BC again because you know the hill is over and a water stop is ahead.


Long runs with Tedy's Team means that Swedish Fish are back in my life! :) I can't express how excited I get seeing these at Mile 20 of the Boston Marathon. It is the little things in life sometimes.

After a quick snack break - Gu for Page and mini Luna Bar for me - it was time to crank out the final few miles.

We made our way back to Beacon St and the final stretch.

Mile 8: 8:36

One final water stop awaited us just before Mile 9 so we stopped one last time to catch up with our amazing Tedy's Team support crew: Margaret and Lauren.

And we had a surprise visit from our teammate Lisa, who was out on her own 16-miler.


It was an awesome pick-me-up.

Apparently these Saturday morning runs aren't all about chatting and laughing with folks, you actually have to run. Page and I bid adieu to everyone and went about finishing this 12-miler.

Mile 10: 8:42 Mile 11: 9:03

After pushing up and over the final incline/hill into Kenmore Square, Page and I opted to add the final .4 to hit 12 on the dot. Since we were both looking forward to some Dunkin' Donuts coffee, we figured out the route to drop us right in front of Dunks. Winning!

Mile 12: 8:45

Yes hilly 12-miler in the books! First run-in with Heartbreak - OWNED. I won't lie and say that entire run felt awesome because it didn't. BUT it felt great to push through the hills and finish strong.

Each run I learn I am stronger than I think I am.


These training runs are so inspiring. I love getting out learning more about why my teammates are running. It's also motivating to see so many runners out on the course getting in their work early in the morning.

While enjoying our coffee and getting some stretching/foam rolling in...


... we enjoyed a talk by some of the folks at Marathon Sports. They were sharing tips on finding the perfect running shoe and winter running apparel for you.


It was a great little clinic and I walked away wanting to spend all my money on new winter running gear. Shocking right? ;)

Week 4 long run done and next week we do our first Riverside Run. What is that you ask? We take the green line to Riverside stop and run the 10 miles back to Kenmore Square - all on the marathon course.


Week 4 Workouts:

Sunday, December 28: 4.5-mile run Monday, December 29: 5-mile run Tuesday, December 30: 45-min Spin class (The Handle Bar), 45-min walk & 5-mile run Wednesday, December 31: 6.1-mile run (4 in AM & 2.1 in PM) Thursday, January 1: 5k run & 5k walk Friday, January 2: 5-mile run & 51-min Spin class (Flywheel) Saturday, January 3: 12-mile run

Okay the Spin classes had some strength training elements to them - so improvement - but I am looking for even more. I reached out to the Tedy's Team coach to help me write up a detailed training plan with specific strength training exercises. I'm much better at following a plan than trying to wing it!


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