Face It Friday: A Gain, 100 APs & Recipe Builder Lesson! 1/2/15

I did it. I faced the scale. I didn't want to. I thought of 1,000 reasons not to.

Then I got a text from a friend saying she would be facing the scale every Friday no matter what and that I would be her accountability buddy.

Fiiinnnee universe. I will take that as a sign to just get it over with.

Also, I made the promise in last week's Face It Friday post (read here) that I would continue to weigh in AND after a holiday just to stay connected.

The number on the scale does not measure success or failure for me, but rather feedback. Yes I would love to stay at a certain number, but if that numbers goes up I will no longer say I failed. I will look at my tracker, reassess what worked and what didn't and move on.

So today I got up and faced it.


I knew it wouldn't be pretty. I had a heavy point day the day prior, I drank 2 beers (which I never do the day before weigh in) and got my period. Lucky me, huh? :P

Plus I hadn't weighed in since Christmas Eve morning and had a ROUGH week foodwise.


While I tracked it all or estimated as best as possible, it wasn't good. I indulged too much and didn't have enough fruits/veggies.

But I owned every decision.

And the scale read...


Ick! I was hoping to at least stay in the 150s. Oh well. I got my feedback and today started a fresh clean week.


Boy I love the look of a new week.

I followed two weeks of losses with two weeks of gains, not okay for my goals.

Now my immediate reaction was to shy away from posting about the gain. But you know what folks gain. Heck I gained that 20 lbs back in the Spring. I wasn't happy about it, but I am human. Sharing about the struggles are par for the course in this tricky world of maintenance.

So I am working past the negative comments in my head and focusing on the positives of this past week:

^ Faced the scale when I didn't want to or could've taken a NWI

^ I've kept the streak alive for hitting goal on my activelink - 27 days and counting

^ I earned 100 APs this week. Also the gain proves that you cannot out workout a bad diet!


^ I extended my tracking streak to 56 days. Not every PPV entered was exact, but I estimated as best as possible.

^ Set a course PR at my New Year's Day 5k!


It was the fifth-straight New Year's Day I kicked off with a 5k.


^ I used recipe builder even though I wanted to pretend the homemade cookies from my dad were less PPV than they were.

So my dad makes these delicious cookies with raspberry jam and this gooey glaze. I was counting them this past week as 2 PPV since I could eat them in 2 bites (tiny cookies). But I knew that had to be low. I asked my dad for the recipe and he happily gave it to me. Okay he gave it to me after saying: "I don't think you want to know how many points these cookies are!" Oh dad, that is exactly when I do! :)

I proceeded to enter the recipe into recipe builder and got the PPV of the whole recipe. My dad said the recipe should make 36 cookies, but his batch is usually around 30. I put 36 cookies into the builder and got 3 PPV per cookie. THEN I looked myself in the mirror and said put in the actual number - 30 - which turned it to 4 PPV each!


But I went back into my tracker and correctly tracked the cookies.

I was proud of myself for 1) not pretending the cookies were less PPV than they were and 2) taking the bull by the horn and saving the recipe/PPV in my tracker so I am prepared for the next time I come face to face with those cookies.


While this week wasn't ideal, I am still proud of the things I learned and truly did enjoy ever PPV I used. Facing the scale can be scary, but it doesn't define you as a person:

See the number, accept it and learn from it!


How do you face the scale when you don't want to?