Keepin' Focused: Cutting A Run Short, Rockin' & Rollin' with Meb & Being Sick

Getting sick was inevitable. The wife has been sick with something for over a week and it was only time that I would catch it!


It just happened to take place when I was having a deload week for marathon training.

What is a "deload" week? Well it's when someone wiser and smarter tells you to take the training down a peg to help your body recover. Thank goodness I have John, the Tedy's Team coach, to be that person in my life. After posting 44.6 miles the previous week - in part because of the Glass Slipper Challenge plus 5k in Disney - it was time to dial the training back.

So this past week I took a step back, reduced the miles and added in some additional swimming and biking.

And you know what? The body felt amazing!! I did all of my runs on the treadmill to make sure I didn't push the pace. Something that inevitably happens when I run outside. I just get so excited to run. :P

Sunday, March 1: 90 min bike trainer session and 5k run Monday, March 2: 5k run and 50-minute Spin class Tuesday, March 3: 2 mile run and 1.1 mile swim Wednesday, March 4: 2 mile run Thursday, March 5: 1.8 mile run Friday, March 6: 30 min bike trainer session and 3 mile run Saturday, March 7: 5 mile run

I was aiming for 10 miles today, but the body felt otherwise. I saw John at the first water stop and he nicely told me to cut the run, turn around and get home to bed.


I knew he was right, but it was still hard to do. The sun was shining and since I had pulled back the training this week the legs were ready to get out and face Heartbreak Hill. Breathing however was wicked difficult and it was time to play it safe. Especially with an 18-miler on the schedule for next Saturday.

But the run couldn't end without a nice mid-run bathroom photo. Thanks for the mirror Holiday Inn in Brookline. :P


I begrudgingly texted the wife to come pick me up and we headed to CVS to pick up some more meds and tissues.

So now I am tucked into bed and trying to figure out how to do this whole "resting" thing. Anyone have ideas?

I'm thinking some Disney movies are a must... but which one to start with?

FullSizeRender (3)

And doing some more research on the Rock 'n' Roll San Diego Marathon I'll be doing in May.

I'm psyched to pick up a special Finisher's Jacket after the run...


... and possibly hanging out with fellow Boston Marathon Finisher Meb.


Oh I know you all know I'm honored to be running my 3rd Boston with Tedy's Team this year, but you may not have heard of this guy Meb. He finishes just a tad before me. ;) Okay okay! He finishes and has enough time to grab a shower, eat lunch and run another marathon before I finish. But we both cross the same Finish Line!

Can't wait to get a great high-five from him in the MEB Zone in San Diego.



Alright alright I will go rest. But first a few sweet/funny moments from this past week!

FullSizeRender (4)

Woo! Pretty excited to be recognized for my selfie skills...


Hahahaha!!! Anyone relate?




How do you handle being sick?