Face It Friday: Negative Points, A Loss & Another Lesson

Prior to my Thursday 8am Weight Watchers meeting at the Boston Center, I was chatting with one of the members before she got on the scale. She shared how she faces the scale each week no matter what. As she simply stated:

The number will be the same whether I step on the scale or not.

<<Light Bulb Moment>>

I've heard this before. Heck I've even said it to other members. But for some reason in that moment it hit home.

I had been wavering on facing the scale this morning and that moment pushed me on to the scale today.

Why didn't I want to get on the scale? Well it could be something about being wwaaay into the negative.


Yes to the tune of -115!

Now I know from personal experience that I can be very in the negative and still lose weight. But this week I just didn't want to see a gain. It had been a very emotional week and I thought seeing a gain might put me in a bad head space... like the previous week's gain had.

BUT I had to pull up my big girl panties undies sparkle skirt and get on the scale anyway. I had to show the scale that I wouldn't be defined by any stupid three-digit number.

And you know what! I lost 1 pound.

FullSizeRender (1)

Yay! Well that was a nice surprise.

Now I'm still up 2.2 lbs for the past month, BUT I am back in my free Lifetime range.

Time to buckle down and refocus. I am working through my funk and hoping to curb the emotional eating that is resulting from it.

Ironic since this week's WW topic was emotional eating. It's like WW knew I needed this week for my own personal journey. Thank you WW.

While February wasn't my best month in recent history food-wise, I AM proud of the many streaks that I was able to keep in tact.

FullSizeRender (2)

I owe big props to the Simple Habits app for keeping me motivated. Yes a stupid app keeps me going. I get super excited every time I can check off another accomplishment.


Lesson From This Week (that I have relearned for the 1,000th time): Tracking Honest Tracking Works!

Even if you are in the negative and upset with yourself, push past that feeling and track it. Owning the choices really will help you move past the guilt faster and make it easier to get back on track! I promise.


This week's #NSV (Non-Scale Victory): Bridesmaid Dress Edition... 2008 vs 2009 vs 2015!


On Saturday I was wicked nervous to go with my cousin to try on the bridesmaid dress for her upcoming wedding (8/8). Internal fear struck of not fitting into the options they had. Who could blame me the only other weddings I was in I had to buy a size 22 (left) and 18/20 (center).

But we went and I slowly put on the sample (size 12) and it was too big!! They actually had to add clips to the back to get it to stay up. So I was actually told to buy a size 10! Well my bust line and hips measured a 10, but my waist was a 12/14 (hello excess skin), but she went with the 10.

Aaahhhh?!?! Me!! Yes me! I can't even put into words the feelings that took over my whole being! Okay I can - it was so much PRIDE!! Now to use that feeling and that dress as motivation to continue crushing my goals!


Did you face the scale this Friday?