Weekend Wrap-Up Plus Final Day of Sparkly Soul Discount Code!

Why must weekends pass so quickly and the weekdays drag on and on? I know I am starting your Monday off with the hard-hitting questions! ;) But once again I had a fabulous weekend that ended too soon.

I was ready for a fresh start on Friday after a very emotionally driven week. I was all over the place with my food choices and just not in the game.

As always my #FaceItFriday weigh-in gave me the chance to bid adios to the prior week and it's baggage and say hello to a new slate.

FullSizeRender (18)

And it even greeted me with a shocking loss. Thanks scale gods.

For those that don't know that is my lowest weight since 6th grade. Yes you read that right - since junior high/1993(ish).

In total I have shed 65.8 lbs with Weight Watchers (started November 2009) and 83 overall from my highest.


2004 vs. 2015

After a surprising weigh-in, I had some amazing Personal Coaching calls with my WW members before having a kick ass mail day! Both my Sparkly Soul and Sparkle Athletic orders arrived at the same time. :)


Yes I totally had a Treat Yo Self moment when feeling down in the dumps the week prior. Retail Therapy FTW? ;)

With a 20-miler on tap for Saturday, I took it easy Friday night with a little shakeout run on the treadmill then followed it up with a nice evening in bed (Zensah compression, boboli pizza and a little vino)!


Perfect Friday night, right?

Now if you haven't done a long run before, I can tell you it takes up pretty much the entire day between the run itself, follow-up brunch and then recovery time. ;) Or that might just be my plan. :P

We had a great 20-mile run on the Boston Marathon course despite it snowing the entire time and a delicious lunch at Bertucci's after. Once I got home it was time to face the dreaded ice bath. Thankfully I talked my wife into sitting with me to distract me!



Yes it was painful 6 minutes! I know only 6 minutes, but it felt like 60. And the wine didn't help as much as I wanted it to... but it was still a delicious addition.

With no real desire to do anything much the rest of the day, the wife and I used the rest of the day to catch up on some Netflix and blogging.


Oh and puppy snuggles!!

It was awesome to sleep in until 7:30am on Sunday. Boy I remember the days in college when you would sleep in until like 11 or 12 then do a hungover brunch.

Now I sleep in until 7:30 and head to a Spin class. What happened to me? Oh lifestyle changes. #WorthIt

On Sunday I tested out a new Boston Spin Studio - Velo City - which is just off Boylston St on Fairfield.

FullSizeRender (21)

FullSizeRender (23)


Love that they offer complimentary Spin shoes!

Velo City had a great vibe and Matt (the instructor) had one sweet playlist with awesome remixes.

FullSizeRender (22)

I was worried about tackling a 60-min Spin class the day after the 20-miler, but my legs felt amazing after!

If you are in the area, definitely check them out!!

The rest of Sunday was spent catching up on work, getting in a recovery 5k and soaking up the sun and "warmer" weather!!

It felt great coming into Monday feeling refreshed and recharged! It didn't hurt that I had a 60-min massage on tap for Monday morning as well.


Now to help you help me! ;) Today (3/30) is the FINAL DAY of my Sparkly Soul discount code.


Use code DANIRUNSBOSTON to receive 10% off your order AND have 10% of your order come back to my 2015 Boston Marathon fundraising efforts for Tedy's Team!! #FightStroke

Code expires tonight (3/30) at 11:5pm PT!!


How did you recharge this weekend?