Which cities will I be Rockin' & Rollin' through in 2015?

Recently I was asked: "What goes into your decision to choose a particular race to participate in?"


Well, I would say my Top Five criteria would be:

1) Bling ... race swag in general can be considered!

2) Location ... especially if I'm considering a destination race (aka racecation)!

3) Post-race celebration ... aka beer selection (from race itself or the city)!

4) Friends ... who can I potentially run with or hang out with at the run! Oh and who will let me crash on their couch to save $$$! ;)

5) Race Atmosphere ... including race organizers, entertainment during the race, etc!


So which race series fills each of my criteria?

The Rock 'n' Roll Marathon Series, which is why I am honored to be an official ambassador for the race for the second-straight year. Heeyy-oo to my fellow #RockNBlog members.


I've been participating in RnR races since I rekindled the love of running after back surgery in 2011.

You're probably wondering which cities I've Rocked and Rolled through. Well I'm happy to share. ;) If you click on the year below, you will be taken directly to the recap for that race.


*Brooklyn (10k) - 2013 - a one time race

*Chicago (Half) - 2011 and 2012

*Los Angeles (Half) - 2013

*Nashville (Full) - 2014

*New Orleans (Half) - 2014

*Philadelphia (Half) - 2013 - where I set my current Half PR (1:44:12)

*Providence (Half) - 2012 and 2013 - no longer in existence :(

*Savannah (Full) - 2012 - where I set my current Full PR (3:58:49)


Wow! I have really taken advantage of the RnR Series to see some of the best cities in the US.


So where will 2015 take me?

*San Diego - May 30-31 - for the 5k and the Full


*Philadelphia - October 31 - possibly. This is still a wild card. I would love to return to the city of my PR if $$ can work out!

*Brooklyn - October 10 - for the all-new half marathon!!!

*Savannah - November 7-8 - for the Full and the 5k. Excited to try and go for a new marathon PR! The city was absolutely a BLAST when we went in 2012 and I can't wait to go back.


If you are thinking about signing up for a Rock 'n' Roll race, be sure to use my discount code to help save some $$ for the post-race beer! ;)


And now the big question... which city will I see you in during the 2015 season?