Face It Friday: Shocking Weigh-In, Being Sick & Staying Mindful

I'd been feeling pretty rough - coughy, fatigued, etc - for about four days or so before I finally took the advice of my loved ones and headed to the Minute Clinic on Tuesday. It was there I received my diagnosis: bronchitis. Oof! With a diagnosis came meds. There really isn't any way to track my cough drops or meds in eTools so I just took what was needed and trusted the process.

Another side effect of being sick: limited activity. Now I was still moving since the doctor said it was helpful to breaking up the mucus, but not like I usually do. So far in 2015, I've averaged about 90-105 Activity Points per week.

This week? 63.

FullSizeRender (7)

So I had no idea what to expect on the scale. I assumed I'd gain since that is what normally happens when I am sick.

I made the call that I would once again step on the scale no matter what.



Say wha???

FullSizeRender (6)

I was speechless! This is the lowest weight I have been since 6th grade. Yes junior high. My previous low with WW was 153.4, which happened twice.

Now I know there could be many factors into the weigh-in this week. But for now I am going to thank the Scale Gods and move right along.

Do I know if the scale will balance back out next week? Who knows. But worrying about future weigh-ins has never helped me in the past... so why start now?

FullSizeRender (8)

I am going to bask in my ability to stay mindful with my food choices this week. Normally when sick I use it as an excuse to eat whatever I want because my "body needs it."

How did I check in to make sure my food cravings/desires were real or not?

I took a line from one of my WW members and asked myself:

Am I feeding my brain or my stomach?

This gave me the 10-15 seconds to realize that I really only wanted X because it sounded good NOT because it would help me get better. Thank you awareness!! :)

I also give a big ups to tracking, which also held me accountable during the week when I had more downtime than usual. Man when I am not working out I really have a lot of time to mindlessly eat! :P

So this upcoming week I will stay the course and keep doing what I'm doing!


Do you track while you are sick?