Face It Friday: Under Goal, Frequency of Weigh-Ins & A Busy May

On Friday's we weigh-in. Well on Fridays this girl weighs in. But that wasn't always the case. When I first started Weight Watchers (11/2/09), I attended a Monday Night Meeting. That is right folks. I would do the thing people hate to do when weighing in - do it at night and right after the weekend.

Why did I choose the day so few do? It was the only day that worked into my busy work schedule AND it kept me more accountable over the weekends. Plus the scale is just a number and I was looking to overhaul my eating, lifestyle and mental space. The day didn't matter as much as the routine of attending meetings for support and learning to lead a balanced life.

So how did I end up on Friday mornings? Well once my Monday Night meeting was cancelled, I moved to Tuesday nights then I was able to bring Weight Watchers to work at the Cubs. That brought me to Tuesday mornings. Once I moved back to Boston, I fought for a meeting to attend, but couldn't find out that fit so I would simply weigh-in on Tuesday morning during open hours to keep the routine.

As the open hours were canceled, I started just weighing in at home on Friday mornings or running to the closest center to keep myself accountable. I thought that day worked since I was up early to lead anyway. So I went from Monday night to Friday morning over time. Lots and lots of time. 

Now when my schedule allows, I attended an 8am Friday morning (since closed) or an 8am Saturday morning meeting, where they know I am a WW leader, but they let me be me. There I can take the leader/employee hat off and simply be a member.

So that's a long drawn out way to let you know that when I started I was one of those folks that signed up on a Monday night and actually stuck with that night/meeting. It is rare for a member to do that and hey I made it... so could you!! 

Special shoutout to my Monday Night members (5:30 at Medford Center): Thanks for sticking with the least popular day to weigh-in/attend meetings! We make it fun! :)

Now to the real deal of this post - the weigh-in. As you know last week I was up 4.4 pounds after the marathon. I had no idea what to expect this week. I wasn't as on plan as I wanted and I had to decrease the activity to recover from the marathon.

So what happened...

Down 3.6 baby!

I am now back under goal. My WW goal is 155 and I have a 3 lb cushion.

It is shocking to me still to be under goal. I spent 2014 fighting to get back to goal and the time before then sort of hovering in the mid to high 150s. It is just surreal to be in the lower 150s. 

I really think the consistency in my activity, core work and tracking is really paying off. I want to work on being more consistent in my eating habits (too much snacking lately) once May is over.

I know I know. I should work on them now while busy since there will always be something. But between work, blogging and May's race/travel schedule I am going to work on maintaining during the month of May. I actually have races for the last 4 weekends in May. I am wicked pumped and excited, but it sends my planning into a tizzy. 

So I will focus on keeping the life balanced, while still enjoying the time with friends and family. Plus I will have a lot of awesome accomplishments to celebrate: my first Ragnar Relay, my 3rd Run To Remember Half over Memorial Day and my 8th marathon (RnR San Diego on May 31). Woo! 

After my whole schpeal about weighing in every Friday, it may not happen in May. There are a few weeks where I will be en route to my race so I won't be home. I could weigh-in on Thursday if I want... and I might. Either way I am sticking to only weighing in at most once a week.

When I was deep into my eating disorders, I would weigh myself multiple times a week (usually daily) and even multiple times a day. I needed to see how every food choice impacted the number on the scale. It drove me crazy and led to even more wild unhealthy eating habits. Since joining WW, I have pledged to weigh in no more than once a week. There was a stretch where I would do it twice a week (just to get a midweek check-in), but even then it played with my head. 

The body naturally fluctuates throughout the week - its just natural - but my messed-up head couldn't accept hat. It wasn't the body or mother nature in my mind - it was me messing up. 

So I stopped. I now only step on the scale on Friday mornings or whichever day I weigh-in for that week. And I cannot tell you how freeing it is. I am now in a place where the number will be what it will be. It is just one singlet snippet of the journey.

As I tell my members the scale may forget to be it's lightest at <<insert your weigh in day and time here>>. 

For some daily weigh-ins work and that is great. But I learned for me they were more harm than good. Learn what works for you and stick with it. 

So while May will be busy - I will still focus on my goals, keep the Good Health Guidelines in check and make sure I enjoy the experiences and situations around me. C'mon I can't pass up good local craft beer, right? #Balance

How often do you weigh-in?