Saturday Snapshots

I'm finally giving the Squarespace app a try for blog writing! So many times I am on the road and don't really want to drag my laptop with me - especially through airport security lines. BUT I hate missing out on sharing adventures with you in the moment.  

Enter the Squarespace app! 

I'm typing away and hoping I can post successfully from my lovely mobile device. 

Let's keep the first post short and sweet with a little Saturday recap. The day has been go go go since before 6am. Apparently my body doesn't want me to sleep in anymore. Stupid body!

I opted to run to my Weight Watchers meeting this morning so I could bring my monthly total to 100 miles in May, my yearly total to 685 & check out Day 211 of my running streak (#WOMSStreak)! 





Great meeting as always. It is a joy when I can sit in a meeting and put my member hat on. It seriously refocuses me and reminds me why I love this program so much.

After the meeting it was time to head home and start the epically long To Do List!! We quickly knocked off mailing belated race medals (I suck!) and headed in town to pick up my race bib for tomorrow's half #29). I'd be getting Page's bib for her as well. 


I stopped by to see the lovely founder of Sparkly Soul before catching up with my friend and fellow ZOOMA Cape ambassador Nancy!! 


Since she lives on the Cape, I don't get to see her as often as I'd like. But it was great to catch up.  

After realizing I'd left the wife in the car for longer than expected - yes the window was cracked folks - I headed out so we could grab lunch.


Which of course included some carbo-loading... #DUH! 

We had delayed the trip to the packie or (liquor store) and grocery store for too long. We said a quick prayer and braced for the crowds. Thankfully it wasn't as bad as I expected. Phew!!

Now it is time to clean the house for the wife's BBQ tomorrow and get some rest before tomorrow's half. 

Here's hoping this actually loads from my phone and I just didn't waste a ton of time typing this out!!  

What's the highlight of your Saturday so far? 

PS If you can spare a moment, please throw a vote my way for the #RWCoverSearch contest! I am holding on to the 10th spot. Voting is daily through July 22.