Face It Friday: Non-Scale Victories, Weigh-In Results & A New Mantra

Last week kicked off with a 4.4 pound gain and some self-talk/motivation.

I actually did wear one of my Momentum Jewelry bracelets each day as a visual reminder of my goals for the week and it paid off. Seeing it on my arm kept me connected to Weight Watchers and what I wanted to accomplish.

I had a lot of Non-Scale Victories this week:

^ I tracked every Bite Lick and Taste over the last 7 days
^ I refocused on the Weight Watchers Good Health Guidelines/Healthy Checks
^ After 10 days away from it, I got back to my sit-ups and modified pushups - please friends never let me go that long without doing them again. The re-entry to the nightly routine was ROUGH
^ I did NOT emotionally eat on Thursday even though it loomed over my head the ENTIRE day
^ I texted a picture of my tracker to my friend and coworker Susan each night for extra accountability
^ I wore my running shorts in public without having my Sparkle Athletic skirt over them - while I hated the experience I still tried it

So the tracking was happening, the accountability there and the choices owned.

This is definitely the least in the negative I have been lately, but still wanted to be in the positive. Picking, grazing and beer got the best of me over the weekend, but tracking it allowed me to tighten the reins over the week.

My activity points were less than usual, which I expected since I didn't do a long run over the weekend. If only I had run like one more mile, I still would've hit the century mark... but I was already in bed by the time I caught that. And bed was winning.

I was feeling good about the week overall and expected a loss. Even though I was in the negative, I thought some of last week's 4.4 pound gain was bloating and it would go away before this morning.

Well I got on the scale and...

it was a gain
0.4 pound - just under 1/2 a pound

While I was initially angry and grumpy, I immediately put it in perspective.

^ It's just a number
^ I was in the negative so it wasn't totally out of the realm of possibility
^ Maybe this morning the scale that it is supposed to be its absolute lightest - stupid hunk of metal ;)
^ I am still in the 150s

So once I let the grumpiness subside, I headed to Dunks for my post weigh-in norm: Iced Coffee (1ppv) and hash browns (3ppv). I texted my normal weigh-in crew and promised myself to move on.

I reminded myself that maintenance is hard, but so was being overweight and so was losing weight. I am worth THIS hard.

Oh and I looked back at my tracker to see that I have been super consistent so far in 2015 for weigh-ing, which was one of my goals for he year after a poor showing at the beginning of 2014.

I had mentioned at the beginning of May that I was going to loosen the reins to see how I would handle it - yeah let's say that backfired. I think I let the reins go a little tooooo far. More balance will be my project for this summer.

And refocusing on all I do bring to the table...

I am trying to see how many places I can leave these words of wisdom.

This is something I have struggled with my whole life - picking apart the things I can't do or the characteristics I don't have - instead of celebrating what I do bring to the table.

So this week will be about celebrating the awesomeness that is ME!

I challenge you all to do the same... let's see how that re-framing impacts our choices!

Are you up to the task?