Three Things Thursday: Mish Mash

Mish Mash = Brain Dump :P

Thursdays are the longest workdays of my week and the most emotional. It kind of goes hand-in-hand when you work in such a sensitive topic such as weight loss. I embrace it and understand it. That being said it doesn't make it any easier - for me. So I turn to you social media...


I want to thank Twitter and Facebook for coming to my aid today. No comments or RTs were needed. It was just comforting having a platform to share and express my feelings in the moment so as to not SHOVE them down with food. Emotional eating is such a gut reaction for me. I am proud that I can now recognize that thinking - emotional eating - and look into my toolkit of tactics for dealing with it without food.

Since ya know french fries will not solve my problems. Did you know that? I've tried for years and years, but they never make the problem go away. Slackers. :P

While there is still day left in my Thursday, I am proud to say to this point I have yet to emotionally eat today and having you all in my corner seriously helped.

Know that I am here for you in that same way!! We can get through this together.

2) #RWCOVERSEARCH Contest Update

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you to all who have taken the time to vote and share my story with others. It is really appreciated. I am currently hanging on to 10th place and shooting towards 1,400 votes.

While I know in the end it is a popularity contest, entering for me was about acknowledging that I am ENOUGH to try. I will probably not make it to the next round, but I wanted to show others that it is a huge step to try!!

Voting is daily through July 22. If you like my story and want to vote, please do!


Thank you again for helping me out!


In a super fun random opportunity, I was asked by the race directors of the ZOOMA Women's Race Series - for which I am an ambassador for - to take over their Instagram channel June 7-13! Woo! I am wicked excited for this opportunity to show off a #DayInTheLife of ME! :)

<<insert wicked excited face here>> ;)

If you are interested in running the ZOOMA Cape Cod 10k or Half with me on September 26 please use code DANI15 to get 10% off registration.

Now that I have laid out my brain dump of random stuff for you on this Thursday... it's core work time!

Happy Friday Eve!