Triathlon Season Is Quickly Approaching And I Am...

... freakin' out!

You'd think having done a few of these before the nerves would settle even a tad.

Well not at all!

The triathlon world is out of my comfort zone.

Since 2013, I have done five triathlons: four Sprint tris and that one Half Ironman.

Yeah I do not recommend to others to jump from a Sprint tri to a Half Ironman without testing out the Olympic tri in between. Or maybe that is just something I would recommend to Dani of the past. :P

But I am wicked proud of the progress I have made pushing the comfort zone and pushing my limits.

For those that don't know, I did my first triathlon - Boston Triathlon - on August 4, 2013.

It was a frightening, yet exhilarating experience. I did learn that the wetsuit is NOT a flattering piece of clothing... at least on me! :P

I was a bit bummed that my first triathlon didn't have a medal, but I did happily take the Finishing Pint Glass.

My second triathlon was the Women's Triathlon in Hartford, Conn and absolutely LOVED the atmosphere. I felt at ease in this race and I think it being females only set that tone. It was so comfortable and featured women of all ages and fitness levels. There were ladies with the Ironman gear and those with bells/baskets on their bikes - but everyone was high-fiving each other. LOVED it.

I even placed third in my age group... somehow! I found out after the fact and was speechless.

Since I live in New England triathlon season seems to mainly run from June through September. I know there are others outside of that, but a majority of the races are during that span.

In my first year of triathlons (aka those two Sprint tris), I learned that the bike was my weakest leg. Probably since it is my least favorite, which means I would rather practice swimming and running instead of going out on the bike. I mean I love Spin, but that is a different beast.

But since I like to stretch my comfort zone, I committed to doing my first Half Ironman in 2014.

Oh my word. It was a scary experience, but another thrilling and exciting accomplishment.

I did the Iron Girl Webster Sprint Tri with Team Chocolate Milk during the training process (another womens only tri).

Before taking on the Pumpkinman Half Ironman on September 7!

I always let the recap relay all the emotions felt during the race because well I'm wordy. :P

I did the Max Performance Triathlon Buzzards Bay Sprint tri (9/14) to round out the 2014 season.

So what did I learn in season 2 of triathlon-ing? I am getting more comfortable on the bike, but it is still my weakest leg. So yes I should start working on it more.

The 2015 season kicks off with the Max Performance Triathlons Escape The Cape Sprint Tri on June 13. T-minus 26 days... so what needs to happen next?

Probably time to get that new tire on the back of the bike and get the bike - aka Roxie - off the bike trainer.

Yeah I have that on the To Do List for the this week. 

The other big thing to do? Reread my How To Prep For A Triathlon Transition post to make sure I have everything I will need.

Okay so reliving the journey to season 3 of triathlons has put me at ease... a little. I look forward to the two triathlons I have on the calendar so far: Escape the Cape on June 13 and Title IX Womens Only Sprint on September 13 (use code WOMST915 to get $12 off registration).

Time to get a BRICK workout or two on the schedule before then! Better later than never, right? Luckily I am in marathon training right now so swimming and Spin have been featured in my training plans for that. Gotta love cross-training.

Some people ask me why sign up for the triathlons if you are so scared/nervous about them and are not that comfortable on the bike... because I love the challenge. I want to push my limits and see what I am capable of. Plus I've learned that it is more of a mental exercise for me as well. I know my body can do it - it's the mind I have to get to catch up! And they really are a fun time! :)

Have you tried a triathlon? What do you love most about it?