Upcoming Races Also Happening On The 26th Of The Month! Plus Discount Codes!

When I woke up this morning - besides giving myself a little high-five for the blog turning 4 - I realized two upcoming races were also going down on the 26th of the month. Yes yes I am a MathNerd and Numbers Dork. I accept it.

So which races are also taking place on the 26th of the month?

** 2 months from today...

Biggest Loser Race Series Half

The wife and I will be taking part in the Biggest Loser Run/Walk Series Half in Killington, VT on July 26! This will be my 30th career half.

Participants run/walk down the mountain, then take the ski lift back up and continue along with breathtaking views of Killington Peak, the second highest peak in Vermont.

I mean how awesome is that??? A ride on a ski lift MID RACE!!! Sign. Me. Up.

Use code WEIGHTOFFMS to get 20% off registration!! For more fun, join our team Weight Off My Shoulders! We would get a sweet group photo!! Just sayin'! :)


** 4 months from today...

ZOOMA Women's Race Series Half

2015 will mark my 3rd year as an ambassador for the ZOOMA Women's Race Series Cape Cod race. The run has both a 10k and Half option on September 26. 

This race is great for a girls weekend away on the beach or a romantic weekend away. While the race is almost all women, there are some gentlemen that take place as well!

How can you pass up a race that ends with a party on the beach complete with snacks and wine? ;)

Use code DANI15 to get 10% off registration for either the 10k or Half!


Will I be seeing you at either of these races?