Face It Friday: Hitting Restart, Gains & No Excuses

I sound like a broken record. 

I need to refocus. I need to track. I need to focus on the healthy foods. I need to remember that I am worth this journey. I need to remember that I am more than a number. I need to remember I cannot be there for my members/personal coaching clients unless I am there for myself. I need to need.

Now that what I NEED to do is out there. I actually have to make some changes. 

Many times folks reach out to me asking how I have it "all together." Well I don't. That is why I share my struggles and my celebrations because I want to show that I do not have it all figured out. I keep trying and that makes all the difference.

There are no excuses for my lazy food choices recently. They are just that - lazy. I am tired of sounding like a broken record and I am ready to be happy. I know that my recent bout of depression is in conjunction with my poor food choices. There is a correlation between the two. So change one and the other will be impacted - positively or negatively.

It's frustrating how quickly I can go from an emotional high to such an emotional low. THAT is what happened this past week. I was living life and beaming while in San Diego then I came home and crashed - emotionally, physically and mentally.

I couldn't get back on track when I got home. I wanted to avoid the scale ... yet again!

But I am not one to hide behind excuses. I made the food and drink choices I face the results. Okay well I avoided the scale at the beginning of 2014 and that didn't work so in 2015 I made the vow to face it no matter what. So on Friday morning I did just that.

0.4 gain. I could take that. I thanked the scale gods and ran away.

But the pattern isn't what I want.

Up 6 pounds in 6 weeks is NOT okay. I will not blame the 2 marathons and the 1 Ragnar Relay I did in that span for the gain. It was the celebrating around those events that did me in. 

But no more. I am done falling backwards. I'm worth moving forward.

I can be proud of the 56 APs earned on the day of the marathon and the 124 APs for the week. No tracking happened over that time so I don't know how in the negative I was - but I was definitely there.

So here I am. At a crossroads I have faced many times. As I have done then, I will do it again now. I will buckle down. I will dig deep. I will learn from the struggles and celebrate the victories.

It's feedback never failure

The tracker is opened and food/drink choices will be owned because I am worth that. I may not always be able to control what food is around me, but I can always control HOW MUCH I eat.

Bring on the week I am ready ... because I will never ever ever be my "then" again!