Face It Friday: Same Story, Different Week

This post is two days late. No I wasn't ashamed of or hiding what happened on the scale. I got busy with a jam-packed Friday and Saturday of fun! So it was a good reason...

And you know what. There isn't much to say. I feel like a broken record since the beginning of May and there is no one to blame, but me.

This week I was up 3 lbs. I would be lying if i tell you I was not shocked, but I was. Since I was in the negative I knew there was a chance, but I didn't feel any more bloated or heavier than the previous week.

I just can't get out of my own way. These gains should be snapping me back into line, but for some reason it isn't. 

I am in this internal struggle of wanting to say "screw it all" and "I owe it to myself to get it back under control." I haven't had such a problem with the scale since last winter/spring when I hid from both the scale and the tracking.

This time is different. I am owning my choices (by tracking) and whatever the scale will be (by stepping on the scale no matter what).

Now I made a point of attending a Weight Watchers meeting Saturday morning because I needed the accountability, motivation and support.

The topic this week hit close to home: being more mindful. This isn't about being more mindful while making our food choices (which has been a topic many times), but about your mind being FULL. About living in the moment and not letting life pass us by.

So this past week I focused on just that. When I walked home from work - I put my phone away, listened to the birds, and breathed in the smells of the River. When I went on my daily run - I listened to my breathing, pushed the thoughts of life away and tried to stay present in the scenery.

I mean how could I not with views like this from Saturday's trail run?

This week I will continue to track, I will own the choices, I will look more closely into the WHY behind my food choices and remain present in the task at hand.

I owe that to myself!

There is the difference from 2014 to 2015 and the reason why this will turn around.