What's Next On The Old Race Schedule For Me...

23 races down in 2015... and only 11 to go!

I've been piecing together my 2015 racing schedule since completing a career-high 52 races in 2014.

I made a promise to the wife that I would pair back the schedule after overloading a lot of our weekends in 2014 with multiple races and taking over our summer with Half Ironman training.

So I opted to load up the front of 2015. Why you may ask? Because not much excitement happens here in the Boston area in the winter. Aka we wouldn't be taking weekends away to my parents' place on the Cape or trying to take day trips around New England. I was safe to set up long runs for marathon training while she stayed warm and out of the 100+ inches of snow. :P Oh and escaping the blizzards with trips to Disney... which made both of us happy! :)

Well now we are midway through June and kicking off the Summer. My June races are in the books and it is time to look for what's next.

My next big focus? 

Biggest Loser Run/Walk Race Series in Killington, Vermont on July 26. I will be tackling the half, while the wife rocks the 5k option. I am wicked excited to finally race in Vermont and knock off the last New England state I needed to race in.

The courses at this race have a twist:

Participants run/walk down the mountain, then take the ski lift back up and continue along with breathtaking views of Killington Peak, the second highest peak in Vermont. The 5K course goes through beautiful downtown Killington while the half marathon route, great for someone's first half marathon, travels along rustic wooded roads with stunning views of the Green Mountains.

Did everyone notice the bold portion of the above description? Yeah I need to get back to strength training, Spinning and hill work. I want to go into this race feeling strong, both physically and mentally.

Use code WEIGHTOFFMS for 20% off registration!

Use code WEIGHTOFFMS for 20% off registration!

When I did Boston this year, I owned Heartbreak Hill. I felt awesome the entire stretch and knew it was from the added core work and cross training.

While I am taking this week as a recovery week (much needed), I am going to use the extra downtime to actually come up with a training plan. I have been half-assing the "following a training plan" part of racing for the past year and a half. Instead I've been following an outline for the long runs and winging what I did during the week.

I do not like winging my training. I have some goals for the remainder of 2015 and I want to crush them.

So this training cycle - or the next 6 weeks - will focus on variety and core work!

The timing really works our perfectly as the Biggest Loser Half will be the kick off to training for my Fall Full - Rock 'n' Roll Savannah in November!

Is that perfect timing or what?

Will I see you at the Biggest Loser Half or 5k? What is your next big race?

THIS JUST IN: I scored a sweet Living Social deal on a hotel room for the weekend of Biggest Loser Half. $95 a night at the North Star Lodge! According to Google Maps it is a 7 min drive (3.4 miles) from the race. Check out the deal here while supplies last!