And The Verdict For The Biggest Loser Race Is...

... I will be running!!!!

I wanted to just put a quick post out there before the wife and I head to dinner.

For those that don't know, I was bit by a dog during my run yesterday. Thankfully I am okay and I went to Urgent Care to get it cleaned and wrapped. I was also given a tetanus shot and sent home with antibiotics. There is still a lot of bruising and swelling and the bleeding has yet to stop.

I went for a one mile run tonight and overall I felt okay. There was some uncomfortableness (I made that word up), but the run itself was fine. 

I wanted to do a test run when we got here to see if the bleeding increased when I was consistently active and thankfully it didn't.

Now I am still undecided whether it will be the half or the 5k. It looks like I will see how the leg is feeling tomorrow morning.

I am listening to my body and am excited that I won't miss the opportunity to ride a ski lift DURING the race.

Can you believe this?

Oh boy am I excited. 

Okay okay the wife is ready for us to head to dinner. :) She will be doing the 5k tomorrow.

One last thing before I go. As you know I entered the Runner's World Cover Search contest. The 100 Semifinalists will be announced on July 27. I thought voting ended, but I popped over to the site and it is still live.

Would you all mind sending me another vote? I'd really appreciate the love. I don't know if it can help, but it definitely can't hurt. Right?



Will anyone else be racing tomorrow? Share in the comments where!