Face It Friday: No-Weigh In & A Question For Thought

For just the sixth time this year, I did not step on the scale this morning/this week ... and I lived to tell the tale. ;)

We decided earlier in the week that we would drive down to the Cape after my Personal Coaching calls on Thursday, July 2 to try and beat the "vacation traffic." I'd be able to do my work from the trailer on Friday morning so I thought it was an awesome idea. 

Well so did a bunch of other people as the trip took us 2.5 hours instead of 1 hour and 15 minutes... but I digress!

When we committed to driving to the Cape early I thought for a quick second about bringing my home scale with me. Then I could keep the weigh-in on schedule. I verbalized this idea to my wife who looked at me like I had three heads. 

Ummm yeah - that was taking the weekly weigh-in/accountability to a different level. One that didn't need to be reached. 

As I said this would be just the sixth I missed this year and all but one were due to me being out of town. I only "hid from the scale" once... and that was because I slept through it. Oops! :P 

So today I didn't step on a scale, the world kept spinning and I will face the music next week.

This is really a big stretch from when I started on my healthy living journey way back in the day. I would obsess over weighing in, which led to be doing it daily and even multiple times a day. Inevitability I believe it contributed to my eating disorders. 

Sitting here today okay that I missed a week and knowing I won't regain my 80 pounds because of it - is a HUGE freakin' Non-Scale Victory!

BRAVO to me!

Now as I type this post, I am overlooking the beautiful Lawrence Pond in Sandwich, MA. 

#NoFilter ;)

#NoFilter ;)

And reflecting back on a question I was asked on Wednesday.

On Wednesday I was interviewed by Heather from Half Size Me for an upcoming book about folks who have lost a substantial amount of weight and have maintained for at least a certain amount of time.

Thanks again Heather for including me in the book!! I am wicked honored. :) :)

At one point she asked: "If you could redo anything on your journey what would it be?" (paraphrasing)

I thought for maybe half a second and said "Nothing."

I really really wouldn't. Now sure it would've been easier to lose every week and hit goal quickly. Or if I got a handle on emotional eating on Day 1. 

But all of the ups and downs, the veering off plan, the "Oh my god I ate how many Points?" moments, the getting back to basics, the eating disorders, the cutting, the depression, the revelations, the nixing of the negative, the self-love...

... it all made me the person I am today. This strong-willed, determined, empathetic, yet vulnerable and sensitive being that I work to go from liking to loving on a daily basis.

So no if I had one wish from a genie to use towards my weight-loss journey, I would NOT change a thing.

Okay okay maybe I'd make beer and wine zero Points! ;)

If you could redo any portion of your weight-loss journey, would you? If so, what?