Face It Friday: Success Thanks To Getting Back To Basics And Meeting THE Skinny Doll

Last week I hit a breaking point. I saw a number on the scale I never wanted to see again. If you missed the post, you can catch up here.

I'll just hang out here while you read it.

Do do do do do do do (Jeopardy theme song)

All set? Good!

On Friday I was ready to get back to basics. I switched my mode of tracking to paper and had the best Friday in ages!! On plan... Good Health Guidelines hit ... Water consumed ... everything tracked. There really was something to paper tracking. I had thought about having some M&Ms and honestly I didn't want to write it down. It would've been completely within my plan, but I just didn't want to see that staring me back in the face.

Oh is that was tracking is about? Making me re-think my decisions. You sneaky sneaky bastard.

So this past weekend I still dined out with friends, enjoyed some beer, ran a 5k, enjoyed some post-race pizza and you know what?

I tracked it all. The tracker didn't judge me a lick. Annddd....

I lost weight! Booya!

8/21/15 - 162.4
8/22/15 - 160.6 (official weigh-in at the WW meeting)
8/28/15 - ....

Back in the 150s!

Now this refocus was about more than the number on the scale. It was about regaining that sense of control and not feeling so bloated. 

I am going to continue to work through the basics as I head into a busy Fall of racing and traveling. I would like to still focus on getting back to goal by my birthday (155). But for now I am going to celebrate my success this week and use this once again as a learning experience. 

Every situation we experience on this healthy living journey is NEVER failure, but always feedback. As I said before, we never fail until we stop trying.

Thank you all for your support last week. It really meant a lot to me. Plus it lessened the anxiety I had over sharing the bump. Even though I know you all won't judge me, there is still that small little voice telling me I let people down.

On Thursday I had a very very very special visitor in my 8am Weight Watchers meeting. Who you may ask? 

Well it was THE Skinny Doll... all the way from Ireland.

She and her husband have been in the States for the past month traveling around. She ended the trip in Boston and woke up early on Thursday JUST to attend my meeting.

It is an absolute thrill to meet folks that I have been friends with online for years in real life. 

Hands down the highlight of my week - and maybe even my month! :) Can't wait until she comes back next year and we can grab a beer together.

Oh oh oh and I loved the Weight Watchers meeting topic this week: What Is YOUR Superpower? Not only did it nudge my members to brag about how awesome they are - it also gave me the opportunity to rock a cape!!!

What is your most helpful #BackToBasics move?