Just The Weekend I Needed...

Everybody's working for the weekend! 

When I woke up Friday I was in a bad mental place. I opted to take a No-Weigh In for my weekly weigh-in and shifted my focus to recharging over the weekend.

For the first time in awhile we weren't traveling or racing so it was the perfect chance to dial back the "go go go" pace we've been on this summer and just be. 

Well as "be" as I can be. :P

After finishing up my Personal Coaching calls and Weight Watchers work for the week, it was time to complete my #3DDVirtual5k in honor of The Better Life Foundation!

Splits: 8:00, 7:50, 8:03.

Splits: 8:00, 7:50, 8:03.

The mission of The Better Life Foundation is to make a positive change in the lives of children in need of food, shelter and medical assistance, and to enhance the lives of children and young adults with special needs.

How could I say no to taking part to support that? I took my run outside for the first time since Sunday & it felt amazing! 

I met the wife for a little Sangria date at Papagayo at Assembly Row, which was a fun treat.

We took it easy Friday night and caught up with some Netflix. 

When my alarm rang on Saturday, I only thought about snoozing. BUT I made a promise to myself to attend the 8am Weight Watchers meeting. I knew my body and mind needed to be surrounded by people that "get it." Plus as a WW Leader, it is super important to take time to simply be a member. :)

After walking home, it was time to get some movement in. Before bed on Friday, I made sure to bring my bike trainer back up from the basement.

So I did my first BRICK workout in ages: 45-minute ride on the bike trainer followed by a 5-mile run for the #RoadShark5 virtual race through Gone For A Run.

I mean how sweet is that medal?

The #RoadShark5 virtual run was tough. It was humid, sticky and just rough. I should've brought water with me, but I second guessed myself and left it at home. Let's just say I chugged some serious H2O when I got home.

I got a shopping fix by blowing through the Carter's outlet to pick up some gifts for my nieces. I would LOVE these ladybug galoshes in my size.

My wallet and body had enough of a workout that it was time for some snuggle time with the pups.

Molly knows how to get us to stop and rest. 

We had a 90-minute sunset cruise in the Boston Harbor planned for Saturday night. Now I thought we had to be there at 7pm. What did we learn while googling the event? That we actually had to be there at 6:30pm. Oops! Luckily we realized the error in plenty of time!

We made our way downtown with time to spare.

With the Groupon our cruise cost $22 for the pair of us. I love a good deal. :)

It was wicked nice to just take a step back and hang out just with the wife. I even managed to put my phone away. I know I know. Bad habit, but working on breaking it.

Of course I made sure we grabbed this gorgeous shot. Oh Boston you are so beautiful.

We followed up the fun cruise with a late dinner at Wagamama. Oh boy was it delicious. It had been too long since we had been there.

We called it a night after some extra Netflix. ;) Are you sensing a theme for our "downtime?" :P

I was wicked excited to sleep in on Sunday. And I did... until 7:09am. OOhhh what a late start to the day. ;) 

I headed out to run some errands before making my way to Assembly Row to mark the course for the Slumbrew Happy Soles Fun Run.

Between the chalking and the fun run, I added another 5 miles to the yearly total.

I love running the the Slumbrew crew. It is a great way to make new friends, catch up with old ones and enjoy a cold brew after a good workout. :) If you are in the area, you should totally join us!

After a quick shower, it was time for lunch and Ella's naming ceremony. It was great to see this cutie and catch up with friends from college who we don't get to see as often.

Delicious food, great laughs and lots of baby snuggles. It was a great cap to the weekend.

The rest of Sunday was spent home getting ready for the week ahead.

Overall, this was the exact weekend I needed. It featured a mix of family and friends, socializing and snuggling and lots of love!!

What was the highlight of your weekend?