Face It Friday: A NWI & Finding My Mojo

On Friday July 31 (yes this post should've been written on Friday, but I wasn't in a place that included writing), I took my first intentional No-Weigh In (NWI) of 2015.

Being out of town caused all the other no-weigh ins this year. This is just the 7th time out of 31 weigh-ins this year.

I 100% just didn't want to look at the scale. I didn't want to see any number. It was a tough week food-wise (we will call this lazy eating) and activity-wise. Being told to dial back the activity (after being bitten by a dog the previous Friday) was tough and I relied on old habits (enter emotional eating) rather than my well known trusty non-food ways to handle emotions.

I was going to say I failed, but I didn't. I just hit a blip in the radar. Unfortunately there have been too many blips on that radar since April. So I am disappointed in myself.

I really hate feeling like I let myself, my members, my readers and my social media family down. Like why can't I get this together? Then I remind myself that I am in fact human. 

My members and I talk about facing the scale no matter what since WE ARE more than a number. But this week I just needed the mental break. I'm sorry to anyone that thinks that is wrong or that I am a "fraud" for doing that.

And you know what? I am always learning... just like my tattoo says.

Ancora Imparo means I am still learning in Italian!

Ancora Imparo means I am still learning in Italian!

My plan was to use this past weekend (where we don't have too much going on and no race) to figure out WHERE THE MOJO went!

(Note: The weekend was full of movement, love, laughter and friends - just what my heart needed!)

I know you need to reapply motivation daily (like showering), but man it feels like a chore to motivate myself recently. It's there for 1/2 a day then who knows where it scampers off to. But I will stop singing the same song, I will stop layering up the Excuses in my mind and I will continue to push on.

OOHHHH and I need to wear clothes that fit. I have too many clothes that are too big, which is NOT helping anything. 

Have you seen my MOJO?