#GlassSlipperChallenge Weekend 2015 Part 3: Enchanted 10k

If I am heading to Disney, I am running ALL THE RACES available that weekend. Well except the Kids Races - even though I would try if I could.

After the Frozen 5k, I was PUMPED for the Enchanted 10k. With the wife running as well, we were at the busses with plenty of time to spare. Unlike the day before when I was solo. :P

I was really excited for my costume for the 10k. I was ready for 6.2 magical miles as...


We boarded the bus and headed once again to the EPCOT parking lot. Right after walking through security/bag check, we bumped into my girl Mindy from Road Runner Girl.

How cute is her Olaf? She made that hat!

To stay warm - since it was once again in the 30s and I was wearing a tank top - I used the heat sheet that they gave out after the Frozen 5k. 

After catching up with Mindy and bidding the wife goodbye (she was in Corral D), I headed to Corral A. I usually take more photos in the corrals to pass the time, but my fingers were a tad chilly from the weather. While it may have been like 30 degrees warmer than Boston, it was still only in the 30s. So I kept myself huddled in my heat sheet and made friends with other folks in the corral.

I checked out the course on my phone while I waited.

Once it was our turn, we walked past the other corrals and headed to the Start Line.

I maneuvered my way over to the right side so I could snap a quick pic of the announcers: Rudy and Carissa!

Before I knew it, Rudy was counting us down... and we were off!

I spy Anna and Elsa!

I spy Anna and Elsa!

I have no idea what got into my legs for the first mile, but I think since it was just a mile through the EPCOT parking lot I didn't have too much to look at. Between the cold and no character stops I posted a sub-8 minute mile.

Mile 1: 7:48

Thankfully we finally hit some characters during Mile 2.

Pic on left: iPhone plus Instagram filter; Pic on right: MarathonFoto pic

I hadn't seen the White Rabbit out on the course before so it was fun to see him. But Maleficent was scared she was going to be late.

Thankfully running really helped warm me up as the race was going on. I was finding myself chilly while waiting in line for the character stops, but my cape came in pretty handy there. ;)

Mile 2: 9:56

The third mile would be the last mile outside of the parks so I was a little amped up to finally get back INSIDE EPCOT. There also weren't any character stops, which led to another sub-8 minute mile for me.

Mile 3: 7:56

I tried to run under their stilt legs, but they I think they were scared of my horns. ;)

Man I really let myself down in the Park photos. I thought I took more random shots during the race, but I guess I didn't. Whoops! 

I was trying to selfie with the Mile Marker and not block either Flynn or Rapunzel. I couldn't get it to work so I opted for just the Mile Marker sign. Are you all okay with this? Do you believe I was there? ;)

Mile 4: 8:17

While running through France in the World Showcase, I didn't see any character stop... until I ran PAST Marie. So I had to put the brakes on and back track back to the line. :P

It was worth it for this shot. Thank you MarathonFoto for taking a much clearer pic than my iPhone. :)

I hate leaving the World Showcase, but I was excited to head towards the Boardwalk.

Mile 5: 8:18

Run Disney certainly saved the best character stops for the final mile!

It was THE Minnie Mouse in the house. She was actually in the same spot where I saw Dopey during the Dopey Challenge in 2014. That spot is EXTRA special!

After running past Soarin' and towards the Epcot Character Spot area, I saw Goofy!

MarathonFoto's flash makes it look later int he morning than it really was. ;0) 

I was getting sad as we headed toward the Finish. I never want a run through the Disney Parks to end.

I was so distraught I missed a pic with the Mile 6 Marker. Oh the devestation... ;)

Mile 6: 8:56

FINAL TIME: 53:32 (8:41 min/mile pace)

More character spots? YES! Run Disney set up two picture spots in the Finish Party area. I had time while I waited for the wife to finish so I got in line to take advantage. The Princesses would switch out after a certain amount of time (I think 30 min) so I had to time it right to try to get all 4.

I was able to grab shots with: Snow White, Cinderella, Tiana and Belle! Yay! Success! All 4 ladies. :) 

While waiting in line for Cinderella, I even bumped into my friend Karla from Run Karla Run.

9.3 miles down... 13.1 to go!

9.3 miles down... 13.1 to go!

Once the wife finished, we headed back to the hotel to clean up, grab some breakfast and head out to the Parks. We wanted to get a celebratory drink before the afternoon's #PrincessTweetup. Plus we had to collect Kat, who had been enjoying extra sleep while we went out and ran. ;)

Overall, the race was a blast as always. There was a little too much time on the roads around EPCOT without character stops, but the time in the Park will make up for it every time in my book. The characters were different than past races I had done, which I appreciated. 

Next Up: #PrincessTweetup