#GlassSlipperChallenge Weekend 2015 Part 4: #PrincessTweetup

I love my Disney race weekends not only for the Magic Miles and the bling, but also for the...


It's been my pleasure to host a meetup/tweetup every Run Disney race weekend I have been a part of since Dopey Challenge 2014. :) 

It is such an honor and a pleasure to meet up with friends I usually only get to see as a tiny avatar online through Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.

Plus thanks to amazing sponsors I get to give away a ton of awesome prizes as well! I LOVE giving away free stuff to awesome people.

So when I was looking for a co-host the choice was easy! I reached out to my girl Kat from Katrina Elle.

Kat is one of the best folks I know. She is inspiring, energetic and has the same ridiculous humor I do, which makes the friendship work. :)

Kat stayed with the wife and I on the Friday night so she would be close by for the tweetup.

We set up shop near the carousel in Downtown Disney (now known as Disney Springs). Not only is it a great location with open spaces... it also has an electrical outlet. This is a MAJOR SCORE for us social media addicts who would be tweeting away during the event.

Folks started gathering near us just before 1pm. It was full of hugs, squeals of excitement, high-fives and of course selfies!

Erin aka @LoveDisneyRun - my fellow New Englander

#DaniSquared was born... Dani of @PastryChef_Dani

Dacia aka @MyRootsToGrow

Gelcys aka @RunnerUnleashed - this lady is one of the most inspiring people I know
Plus she brought her adorable little man to play! :) He stole the meetup ;)

I loved having a mini Fitbloggin reunion in the middle of Disney!
Christine (aka @Dubyawife), Nathan, Me, Kat

And the whole big amazing crew!!!!

I can't thank everyone enough for coming out and taking time away from the Parks to join Kat and I for some tweeting fun! 

To thank the wife for being a good sport for letting me take time away from our own vacation for a tweetup, we made sure to head straight to the Parks afterwards! Oh and I let her get an extra Vinylmation! ;0) 

If you are heading to a Disney race, I highly recommend checking to see if there is a meetup or tweetup happening. I know whenever I am in Disney World or Disneyland I will be hosting one!

Next Up: Princess Half