Splendid Saturday

After waking up to an amazing amount of love and support from my two posts yesterday, I knew this Saturday would be simply splendid! 

How many folks were shocked to see not only one, but two posts from me yesterday???

Seriously it made me wicked happy to sit down and type out what's on my mind. 

Not only did I wake up to joyful notes of support from readers, but I woke up feeling lighter. I didn't name this blog Weight Off My Shoulders for nothing. ;)  

So thank you all for taking the time to read my random ramblings.  

You know you are deep into a training plan when you get giddy that you "only" have to run 10 miles. The goal was 10 miles at "marathon pace." Since I've never set a marathon pace before I trusted Greg's input of 8:25/8:26 per mile. 

I was so daring today that I didn't even set an alarm last night. With a shorter run on the docket I wanted to let my body catch up on sleep if it needed to. Well I made it til 7:16am. Wow! What a rush! ;) 

The wife and I headed to Dunkin Donuts for some coffee before enjoying Episode 12 of Season 4 of Orange Is The New Black. I vowed to get out the door at 10am. #10at10

I planned on doing a 3+ mile loop 3 times so my porch could once again act as my water stop. Plus I learned last week that a 5+ mile loop was a stretch without water in this heat/humidity.  

I toyed with doing the run on the treadmill because at least there I can control my pace better but I needed the challenge of trying to "feel" my pace outside. 


The humidity decided to stay home today so it was a more comfortable 77 degrees (with only 56% humidity). The sun was shining and I was heading out in a great mindset.  


I focused on living IN the mile and blocking out what number loop I was on.  

Before I knew it I was halfway done. As stated my goal was an average of 8:25/8:26 per mile, but I was at an 8:16. 


Checking in with my body, I felt good so I was going to keep letting my legs run the show. ;)  

While the sun was shining, shade was a hard commodity to find. When possible I snuck a quick 5-10 second break under it when possible.


I could taste the low fat chocolate milk on my tongue and realized my pace was picking up. I focused on keeping it as close to 8:25 as I could. 


I think the cops really enjoyed me taking laps outside their station to hit my mileage without having to start another loop. ;) 


BOOM!!! Happy to see 9 of the 10 miles were at or under my goal. 


Now I know I had less miles to run today and that may'be played a part, but my mindset was a total 180 from last week! 


Just goes to show every day is an opportunity for a new run! :) Yeaterday doesn't define today! 

Once done, the wife and I tried to head to Cohasset to pick up my packet for tomorrow's triathlon. But traffic had another idea. We wouldn't have made it by the 2pm cutoff.

So we opted to run some errands which included picking up my paycheck at Slumbrew. 


Obviously we had to stop for a beer. :)  

We got home, finished Orange Is The New Black (wow what a season) and opted to break out the new kiddie pool my mom got for the pups.  


Let's just say Molly was NOT a fan. It took the wife quite a lot of work to finally get Laney to even stand in their quickly. 


This will be quite the project. Haha!!  

It was time for a lazy evening which included catching up on social media, watching Zootopia and now laying out my gear for tomorrow's race. 


It will be triathlon #9 since 2013 - 8 sprints and 1 half ironman.


Do you keep your swim caps???? 

Boy this is just the day I needed! How was your Saturday??