Transformation Tuesday: Celebrating The Victories... No Matter The Size

The mindset is a tricky tricky thing. It seriously steers the ship that is my weight loss and fitness journey.

When I wrote my first #FaceItFriday post since rejoining #WeightWatchers, I focused on how much I had gained back (20 lbs). Instead of focusing on how much I had still kept off (60 lbs). So today I wanted to flip my thinking from the negative to the positive. Celebrate the progress I've made since making the decision in 2009 that I was worth a healthy weight loss plan & strong enough to tackle some amazing fitness feats I never thought possible.

So I shared a picture of myself either at or around my heaviest vs. this week. I seriously feel like my eyes somehow grew three sizes while I lost the weight from my face. that happen to anyone else?


Since I brought up those fitness feats. I will share what went through my mind during yesterday's swunch or swimch or anyone else have something?

I opted to spend my lunch break in the pool to clear the mind and push my limits. It's been too long since I last swam 1.2-consecutive miles (80 laps) so I wanted to remind myself how strong I really am. :) While my immediate reaction was to beat myself for how long it took me (1.2 miles = 41:50), my BFF reminded me I will get back to where I was in 2014 with this crazy thing called training! ;) I GOT THIS!!!

When I competed my first and only (so far) half ironman in 2014, I completed the 1.2 mile swim in 34:34. This swim allowed me to set a base line and now I have something to strive to beat.


While constantly flipping negative thoughts to positive ones can be exhausting... and really it can be. It is the only way I have had success in the past when working on a mindset shift. There will be easy days. There will be hard days. But if I remember I am worth the work, it will happen.

I will also continue to celebrate any victory I come across as those tiny victories add up to big successes. Am I right?

So here are the victories I would like to celebrate right now:

1) I am re-focusing on curbing negative self talk.
2) I successfully stuck to the snacks I brought with me to a fundraiser on Saturday.
3) I am asking myself "How do you feel right now?" when making a food choice!

Keeping a running list is going to cause a few extra smiles throughout my day and I am always up for that!

What tiny victories are you celebrating? Share in the comments please!