Celebrating March Accomplishments And Looking To April

Isn't it amazing to take a step back and celebrate our growth!

In January, I ended my #runstreak after 828 days! I was worried what would happen once I did that, but since I am still training for the Boston Marathon and have a half ironman in June. I shifted my focus to more bike and swim to help heal my hurting IT band.

Sometimes we need to adjust our goals, but we can find a whole new part of our journey!!!!!

Thankfully I have been logging all of my running, swimming and biking stats in to Runkeeper so I can track my progress during 2017!

February was my first month since September 2014 that I didn't log 100 miles running and you know what... I survived!!! ;)

With the marathon on April 17, I set my sights on hitting my long runs in March and upping my swimming and cycling totals.


Woo! I am wicked proud of these numbers. While I wish I had more running miles, I know my IT band needed to take a step back. I made sure to focus on getting my stretches in and attend my strength training classes as well.

If you can see I haven't tracked my strength training classes, but I have been going consistently twice a week since January! :) 

If you ever want to see what my weekly workouts look like, you can find them as a part of each #FaceItFriday post.

Now April... what do I want to see happen in April?

Well I want to finish the Boston Marathon with a big smile on my face!! :) Once the marathon is over, I will be shifting my focus to Half Ironman training. I am tackling my second-ever half ironman on June 17 at the Patriot Half.

It will be time to take Roxie (my bike) outside in April and stop hiding on the bike trainer. Anyone want to ride outside with me? I hate riding solo. We can get a coffee or beer after?!?! ;)

But BIGGEST goal of all for April... get this IT band/knee situation FIXED! We are working on it, but I want it GONE in April. Here's hoping...

What are you looking forward to tackling in April?