#FaceItFriday: Time To Learn Once Again - Look It Up Before You Eat It

Oh boy today has been a go of highs and lows... is it the weekend yet?

Well technically by now it is!


Before I get into what the next two weeks will hold (hello Amsterdam), it's time to break down the last 7 days.

Oh friends!!!

Oh my friends!!!!

I had such high hopes for this past week if you recall from last week's post.

Well the amazing laid plan started going South on Day 1 of my Weight Watchers week... aka weigh-in day... aka Friday!

On Friday we were hosting a New Hire Orientation day. I would be presenting to our new hires and of course ordering lunch in. I order from Au Bon Pain so I know what to expect. 

I got the Thai Peanut Chicken Wrap. I know it's 17 points, but the me it is worth it once a month and something I was looking forward to. I built it into my plan.

What I didn't expect? The cookie that came in the sandwich box. 

Ohhh DAMN!

I should've given the cookie to a colleague or put it in the common area for someone else to grab.

But did I?


I told myself I would just have one bite.

Well we know how that goes.

One bite led to eating the entire cookie. Oh friends it was freakin' amazing and every bite was decadent.

The last thing I wanted to do was look up the point and own it. But I gotta track it so I headed to the Weight Watchers tracker.


The freakin' cookie was the same amount of points as my wrap.


My lunch quickly escalated as did my day.

NOW I should've started over the next bite, but that wasn't how this story goes.

By Friday night, I was feeling low, the rain was pouring, I had to get a new phone and the wife and I were downtown away from home. So instead of getting a Sweetgreen salad (like we should've), we walked ourselves into Pizzeria Unos for some adult beverages.

In the "screw it, I already fucked up" mentality, we went big! We split an order of pizza skins. These used to be my JAM in high school and I hadn't had them in years. 

1/2 a portion = 36 points


Dear Weight Watchers gods!

When I added in the wine and rest of dinner, my Day 1 of my week left me at 122 points. 

While it wasn't the most points I've recorded in a day, it wasn't what I had planned to kick off my "getting on track" WW week.

Saturday and Sunday, I went over, but not as dramatically as Friday.

Then Monday rolled up and knocked me in the teeth. (That's a saying, right?)

I originally had a Monday lunch planned through work, but that fell through. Once that fell through, I thought I'd be home in time to make lunch at home. NOT!

So I went to grab a quick sandwich at D'Angelos. What harm could a turkey sandwich be?

Well once I had a little downtime in the afternoon, I got out my pad of paper and calculated it out as the sandwich I had wasn't in the tracker.


What the what?


So within the first half of my week, there were not 1, but 3 instances where I should've calculated the points BEFORE putting the food in my mouth.

Were all those points worth it? NO! Not for me. 

But once I know the points of something, I can't unknow it!

Won't be having those again unless I 100% know it is worth it.

Needless to say I was on a path of heading deep into the negative. I wasn't able to workout as much due to major Achilles pain so I didn't even have any Fitpoints to help me out at all. :(

I kept trying to get back on track and stumbling. I committed to tracking it and being kind to myself along the way.

I was still getting my water in. I was tracking. I was getting in my fruits and veggies. I was also not throwing the towel in each day, but working on smart choices when I could.

On Thursdays, I always try to stick to my DPT (Daily Points Target) because well the next day is weigh-in day. Duh? ;) Now Thursday was the day Laney went in for surgery. Having weigh-in day the next morning kept me from doing TOO much emotional eating. 

I went to bed Thursday hoping the gain wouldn't be too big today. But I was happy to not have any guilt over the choices made. I just knew there were tweaks I could've made. I treated them as learning moments rather than fuck ups.

This morning I leaped out of bed as my alarm went off at 5:15am.

I had a great Strength Training class before heading to weigh-in.

I repeated my three positives before stepping on the scale:

  • Bought new work clothes that actually fit
  • Donated my hair
  • I am researching if Amsterdam has a WW mtg I can visit while there

I stepped on the scale and Tara said... down 0.6!

I will take it and I made sure to get off the scale before it realized what happened. ;)

Total Lost: 70.8 (53.2 with WW)
Current weight: 164.2
Heaviest (recorded) weight: 235
Weight Watchers Start weight: 217.4
Goal weight: 155
Lowest weight: 150.2

Oof didn't get the healthy eating zone once this week. Oof! Usually I can at least rally by Thursday. Oh well.

By Month:

February: -8.2 lbs
March: -7.2 lbs
April: +1.8 lbs
May: -0.8 lbs
June: 0 lbs

Since I will be in Amsterdam next week and I am not sure I will weigh in, I am going to call June a wash. At the end of May I was 164.2 and today I was 164.2. 

I didn't recover in June as I had expected, I am happy to see I didn't gain over the time.

And I can say I honestly feel good. I feel stronger thanks to my Strength Training classes and leaner in my clothes.

Now while I was waiting for the meeting to start today, I was flipping through the WW magazine and noticed this.

Anyone see a familiar story? 

Sharing about tracking into the -200s???? I should be in WW magazine! :P I do that all the time. Unfortunately it happens too often recently, but still. Where's my spread in the mag? ;) I'm free folks!

But in all seriousness, congrats to her! I know I get plenty of looks when I admit to that sort of negative number, but we gotta be us. Life happens...

For the next two weeks I will be in Amsterdam. I am going to be conscious of what I am eating and making sure I keep my water/fruits/veggies intake up. But I will definitely be enjoying the local foods. 

My hotel has bikes to borrow and I hear Amsterdam is a great walking city so I will be sure to take full advantage. WOO WOO!

Have an amazing week everyone!

Anyone else learn the lesson of looking up points BEFORE eating something?