#ThreeThingsThursday: Laney Update, To-Do List Pain And RnR Brooklyn Medal Reveal

How the heck is it Thursday evening?

I woke up this morning at 5am to bring Laney to Angell Memorial for her surgery today. I blinked my eyes and BAM it's now almost bedtime. 

Let's get right into it! 

Shall wel?

1) Laney Update

I can't thank everyone enough for the good vibes sent our way in preparation of Laney's surgery today.

I got a text at 7pm from Laney's Surgery Care Coordinator that she was out of surgery!

The surgeon called a little while after to let me know Laney actually had a fully torn ACL and partially torn Meniscus. 

Poor pup!

I loved that Angell has the Care Coordinators. They kept me up-to-speed all day and sent over a good number of Laney pics to keep me in the loop and smiling. :) 

We can pick Laney up at some point tomorrow and I can't wait to bring her home. While I am psyched to head to Amsterdam, it will be tough to leave Lanes while she is healing. I know the wife will take great care of her and keep me in the loop with pics.

2) To-Do List Pain

Anyone else feel like despite completing tasks, the To-Do List just continues to grow? 

It's like a daily run on the treadmill where I am always doing something, yet not really getting anywhere.

Well I am looking for help!

What are your favorite To-Do List apps?

I am currently rocking the old school Post-It Note method. I love physically crossing off items, but I tend to have a number of Post-It Notes or I re-write a new list daily. I want to save the trees.

I also have To-Do Lists for work, blogging, Fat To Finish and general life. I would LOVE an app where I could maintain 4 different To-Do lists at once.

Anyone have a solution for me?

Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

3) Rock N Roll Brooklyn Medal Reveal

There's nothing I like seeing more when struggling with a nagging injury/pain than a medal reveal for an upcoming race.

Am I alone with that one?

I hope not! ;)

Well the latest medal reveal is... Rock N Roll Marathon Series Brooklyn Half!

Here's the 2017 bling. How freakin' sweet is that?

2017 will mark my 4th year running an RnR Brooklyn event. In 2013, RnR held the inaugural Brooklyn 10k. They took a year off and came back in 2015 with the inaugural RnR half!

Interested in joining me October 14th? I'll be enjoying a fun shakeout half after running the Chicago Marathon the week prior! 

Check out the sweet discount code RNB15... use the money you save for a post-race brew or coffee!

Please note this code is good for the entire RnR race series (not just Brooklyn)! I'll be running Brooklyn and Montreal this year. :) 

And now I am wiped and ready to climb into bed. I will sleep a little easier tonight knowing that Laney is safe and sound.

I'll leave new worries until tomorrow. ;)

Happy Friday Eve Everyone!