What A Wednesday: Clothes, Hair And Needling? OH MY!

As if this week couldn't get any better, Wednesday happened!

Let me catch you up: Monday (wicked awesome #NSV - Non Scale Victory) and Tuesday (amazing travel news)!

So I expected Wednesday to be a hum drum day after back-to-back wins... I was wrong!

One of my best friends and stylist since 2001 spent some time with me updating my work look. I haven't bought myself work clothes in a good 5+ years. So this was very necessary! Who doesn't love a good sale at Old Navy. An example an outfit Linds put together.

Let's caption this: "I don't know what I'm supposed to do with my hands!"

Thanks to opening an Old Navy credit card, I saved 25% on top of the sales already going down! Woo Woo!

Now on Monday I celebrated fitting back into a size 8 Old Navy dress. The pants in the picture above... size 12!

THIS is the exact reason I never set a clothing size goal during my weight-loss journey. Every design, designer and store works on their own sizing chart. 

My gut reaction when I went from size 8 to size 10 to inevitably the size 12 was to get angry and beat myself up.


I told myself the clothes were all about comfort and whatever size was on the tag was just a fuckin' number!

I then tried on and bought a pair of shorts in a size 10. 

Same store just a different cut/design.

All I know is back in 2004, I bought a pair of size 20 pants from Old Navy and a size XXL shirt.

Not today! Size 10/12 pants and size M shirt.

While sizes are arbitrary, seeing a smaller size was a great feeling!

I was riding a high from updating my look and finding some great pieces to pack for my trip to Amsterdam. I headed to my hair appointment to ummm... cover up them greys!

I have been growing out my hair to donate to Children With Hair Loss. I made my first donation there in 2015 after my cousin's wedding.

Chopping my hair off has been a desire for the past month. The hair has gotten frustrating during workouts and the only way to contain it was with a Sparkly Soul headband and some braids.

Well since I was working on an updated me today, I thought why not make the cut... as long as I had enough hair to donate.

Marie, my hair dresser, measured it out and said I had just enough - 8 inches.

Let's Do it!


Definitely my shortest hair cut in probably about 20 years...

But don't worry folks - the hair is long enough for a ponytail. My one requirement when making the decision to donate today.

I HIGHLY recommend if you are planning to donate - please choose Children With Hair Loss. They don't charge their clients for wigs, they take dyed hair and they take grey hair. 

With the cut and color done, it was time to make a pit stop at Boston Physical Therapy & Wellness on the way home. 


Because it had been a hot minute since I had some dry needling done and really I missed it.

<<Please note sarcasm>>

Really I've been having Achilles and calf pain the past week and thankfully owner Dave was willing to take a look at it. He did a little work on my Achilles, which already made it feel better, then it was time for some needling.

Oh friends! I have had my hamstrings, my hips and my IT Band needled, but NOTHING matches the pain of needling your calves.

Thankfully Dave is okay with swearing and screaming because that is EXACTLY what I did. He started out "easy" with 2 needles in each calf.

I am now walking like someone took a bat to my calves, but Dave PROMISES I will feel so much better in the AM.

Fingers Crossed because I am tired of fixing one body party and another going out of whack!

Thanks again Dave for seeing me last minute.

If you are in the Somerville/Medford/Boston area, PLEASE see these guys!!!


That has to be enough awesome stuff for one Wednesday...

... but wait! There's more! ;)


24 days until the wife and I head to Disney for her bday weekend. No racing. Just fun, sun and our favorite Mouse! :)

But for a serious moment... please send positive vibes to our dear Laney who is having ACL surgery tomorrow!

I mean that poor little face.

Okay okay! I am going to get offline and go snuggle that little face!

What is the highlight of YOUR Wednesday?